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Once you decide to go with CBD as your main or secondary health treatment, you definitely need to find your perfect dosage.

The proper dose is important, as it will define how good and effective your healing process is. It is not enough to follow overall guidance such as simply take one dropper of CBD twice a day and see what happens. Everybody and every health issue need a special approach.

Here is how we recommend taking Britelife CBD oil.

Simple CBD Dosage Chart

We created this CBD dosage chart simply according to what type of health issues you are dealing with. We don’t want you to stress out about numbers and exhausting calculations.

500 mg Strength/Low symptoms. The best option for anyone who wants to have a little help falling asleep or relaxing or just wants to try CBD for the first time and does not have any major health issues. Great for balanced appetite, light relaxation, help falling asleep, energy boost and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

1000 mg Strength/Mild Symptoms. If you have a mild symptom of anxiety, stress, mild arthritic or joint inflammation and pain this CBD strength is the best fit. 1000mg will be good for the immune system support in the flu/cold season, gut health support, mild headaches or inflammation. Also for blood pressure and heart system support, and brain function support, will also ease falling asleep and light relaxation.

1000mg Strength (Pineapple). Same as the 1000mg plus a refreshing tropical flavour. Great for one-time stress situations, perfect “on-the-go” CBD oil that will put you in the mood and relax your tense mind anytime you need it.

2000mg Strength/Moderate Symptoms. For anyone who experiences moderate anxiety or stress, moderate levels of joint and arthritic inflammation and pain or cold and virus. This CBD is strong enough to relieve migraines and stimulates the appetite, fight sleep disorders and nausea. Great for menstrual pains as well.

3000mg Strength/Severe Symptoms. This is the strongest CBD oil in our store and designed especially for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, severe joint pain, depression, panic attacks, severe anxiety and chronic insomnia. 3000mg in our dosage chart can be a valuable cancer treatment support as it restores appetite loss, fight nausea and help your body to fight the disease.

Brite Life - Dosage Chart

Do what The Best for Your Health

Always listen to your body and how it responses to natural supplements. CBD needs time to build up in the system and start to work efficiently. That might take a couple of days. Everything is individual and always depends on your body weight and health condition. Normally you should see the results in a couple of days if you keep going with your CBD routine. Which is the recommended dosage on the bottle taken twice a day.