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If you have ever Googled CBD for itchy dog ‘ – you may or may not have found the relief you were seeking for your pet. Which is something Pawt4Paws would like to help our pet parents with. Regardless of if the issue pertains to allergies, a strained immune system, dietary reactions, or even inflammation, we offer a variety of CBD products to help, along with information as to the “why” behind your itchy dog questions!

Why Is My Dog Itchy?

Pawt4Paws touched on the topic of CBD for itchy dogs in a previous blog post. Although it was related to seasonal allergies, this is not the only reason your pet may be suffering.

‘Same as humans, animals can be allergic to almost anything: cigarette smoke, drugs, foods, pollen, fabrics, dust, mold, soaps, plastic or rubber toys and cleaning products.’

Finding the why can involve a lot of trial and error. Besides the aforementioned, other more serious health concerns can include…

  • Parasites… such as fleas, mites or ticks. As discussed on, it is important to know that:

It is fairly common for a dog to become infected with an internal or external parasite at some point in its lifetime. Parasites can affect your dog in a variety of ways, ranging from simple irritation to causing life-threatening conditions if left untreated. Some parasites can infect and transmit diseases to people.

  • Rash… which can be due to an allergic reaction to certain foods. How do you know the sign of food allergies? Find out here.
  • Dermatitis… is also an allergic response leading to inflammation defines it as:

Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is a leading cause of allergic reactions in dogs. In an allergic reaction, the body’s immune system overreacts or is hypersensitive to a substance (called an antigen) that is normally harmless.

Any of the above can be really uncomfortable for your pup, but can thankfully be managed through the appropriate CBD product and dosage.

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs With Itchy Skin

CBD for dogs with itchy skin is an excellent alternative to prescription medication. It can deliver on:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pain relief
  • Stop the root cause of why your pup is itching
  • Alleviate anxiety caused from chronic discomfort

Additional Ways CBD Oil Can Help Your Dog

CBD oil can also help your dog recover more quickly from wounds and cuts, as we talked about previously…

‘Did you know that marijuana and hemp contain compounds that deliver – not only healing attributes but also pain relief to the skin of the person or pet receiving it? This is especially true for CBD oil, which softens the skin around a wound while helping to speed up the healing time of the wound itself.’

Additionally, CBD is great for…

  • Managing discomfort associated with arthritis or cancer
  • Decreasing seizures
  • Helping with glaucoma

Prevention is always the best ‘medicine’; but when a seasonal or food allergy, inflammation or a reaction to an unknown environmental factor plagues your pet, finding quick relief is important for dog owners. CBD for itchy dog is a brilliant, natural and effective way to help your furry family member find relief.

Google Find: CBD for Itchy Dog

Whether you want to purchase CBD oil, CBD treats or CBD lotion to tackle your dogs itchy skin; our full lineup of CBD for dogs can be found here. Our goal is to help pet owners find the right CBD product for their pet’s needs, and we are here to provide assistance in any way we can.

Question? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We also encourage you to connect with us via FacebookInstagram or our contact us page to stay informed on our latest products, services, sales or promotions.

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Side Note: Curious if you should be adding anything to your dog’s daily diet?

There are a handful of new studies that show how beneficial it is for dogs (and cats) to eat balanced meals with supplements, fruits, vegetables, and other things that can be easily added to dog food. In 2005 Purdue University conducted research on Scottish Terriers where researchers added fresh vegetables to dry kibble. Those dogs who had vegetables added to their meal were able to reduce and prevent the growth of transitional cell carcinoma, or bladder cancer. Not only is a balanced meal full of benefits but it also makes mealtime more exciting! Can you imagine eating the same exact thing for every meal, for your whole entire life?! You can and should add to dog food with a couple of different and easy toppers.

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  • CBD Oil for Giant Dogs 2200mg

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