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If you feel embarrassed because your dog hysterically barks at other dogs, you are not alone. Many pet parents often wonder why their dogs bark at other dogs and how do you finally stop it. Glad you are reading this article as we have some answers for you.

Barrier Frustration

Barrier frustration is a dogs reaction when he sees another dog and has his leash on. The leash is a barrier, the same as a fence or a window. The result is explosive, excessive barking or aggression. This type of behaviour is common for predisposed dogs who like to go and meet every single dog out there but are restrained by a barrier.

And yet, all your friends say your dog is the friendliest puppy they have ever seen. But how do you explain that to other people on the street?

New Habits, New Behavior

Let’s start with motivation. Why do dogs bark at other dogs? Possibly he gets some kind of a reward when he is barking. In most cases the pup gets your attention.

Ignore your dogs barking if that’s what it takes to make him stop. Don’t touch him, don’t talk to him, try to not even look at him. In the moment when the dog finally quiets down, reward him with a treat.

Teach your dog to bark on command. It might sound silly, but “bark” and “quiet” commands could be your best option. First, allow your dog to bark when you say the word “speak”, wait for him to bark a few times and then reward him with a dog treat. Once he knows the trick, teach him the “quiet” command. Every time he starts barking say “quiet” and give him a treat.

Practice these two commands until your dog can recognize them so the next time your on your walk in the park, it can be a more enjoyable time.

Keep the Pup Tired

It doesn’t matter the size, every dog needs to release their energy on a daily basis. Otherwise, you will see your dog extremely hyperactive, anxious, and frustrated. As a pet parent its in your hands to change their daily routine. Try to give your dog more mental and physical exercise every day. When a healthy dog is tired it is less likely to bark and jump on others.

Try CBD Dog Treats

Instead of giving just a treat, give them a CBD dog treat. According to Modern Dog Magazine, “a whole host of dog lovers are singing the praises of CBD and its remarkable efficacy in treating everything from canine arthritis to anxiety”.

Proper training in combination with the calming effects of CBD, your dog will be the loveliest puppy in the world and not just for you.

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