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CBD is gaining so much popularity in recent years, it won’t be a total surprise that it became a new choice for many massage therapists. If your massage therapist is open to new options, maybe its time to talk about CBD oil for massage therapy? Let’s see how this wonder product can benefit your health in and out.

Great For the Body

Topical CBD products have great benefits on our skin. With proper technique from your massage therapist and CBD, this oil can work wonders for your muscle and joint pain. It will increase blood circulation around affected areas and soothe tension in muscles.

In addition to pain relief, CBD is great for your overall health and young-looking skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, your skin can heal faster and remain smooth and hydrated for a long time. That is why many spa professionals are switching to CBD face and body skincare products.

Great for Inner Piece

Many of us going to massage therapists is not just for obvious physical pain. Some people need to relax their body and mind at the same time. CBD is a great tool for mental wellness. Cannabis massage oil is also perfect for balancing blood pressure while providing stress and depression relief.

According to many studies, CBD improves brain function such as focus and memory, restores your sleeping habits, lowers anxiety and gives you that flexibility to concentrate when you need it.

If you wonder how long CBD stays in your system then we recommend you read our previous article.

Bottom Line

Yes, CBD is still kind of a grey area and if you’re not sure about giving it a try, maybe, CBD oil for massage therapy is the way to go. Ask you therapist is she agrees to explore more options and incorporate CBD products in your massage sessions.


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