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TRE has been used by many people who experience stress, tension, and trauma. TRE or Tension and Trauma Release Exercises are a set of exercises that are believed to help the body release deeply held trauma, stress, and tension. These exercises have grown in popularity over the past few years after the wake of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.


TRE safely induces a natural reflex of shaking or vibrating to release muscular tension in turn, calming the nervous system. When partaking in these exercises, it’s important to understand at any time you can stop if it gets to be too much. The most commonly known TRE is done laying face up, with legs in the butterfly position (feet touching, knees bent and apart). As you slowly close your legs, drawing the knees together, your legs will begin to shake. As the legs shake or vibrate, the muscles release tension and bring balance to the nervous system. Here is a video with some basic TRE.  The reason this exercise works so well is because it triggers the body’s natural response. Shaking is a normal response that is mimicked by wild animals after stressful encounters. When we experience stress or trauma our heart rate, muscles, and nervous system go into defense. This response can stay in the body long after the incident(s) occur. TRE releases this tension from the body by using shaking as a natural response.


TRE assists in the release of trauma and stress. Many people report feeling relaxed after their exercises. It is widely known that humans store stress in the muscles. The psoas muscle, found at the base of the spine,  is responsible for putting the body in a self defensive ‘ball’ when in fight, flight, or freeze. When we experience something shocking or traumatic that the brain subconsciously or consciously perceives to be a threat, the psoas muscle constricts and holds the tension energy in the body. That energy stays within the body. Through TRE, you can reduce this tension by focusing on deep muscle memory. Patients struggling with PTSD, anxiety, stress, or trauma of any kind, are able to reduce feelings of tension held in the body, reduce overall stress, better sleep, and release emotions in a safe and manageable way.


If you are someone who struggles with the aforementioned, then definitely do some research into it! Understand that these exercises should release your tension, not create more. Look into classes held in your town so you can be properly trained by a licensed physiotherapist!

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Good luck and be safe!