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If you are the pet parent of a senior cat, then you could benefit from understanding the importance of senior cat food for your aging feline.

Older cats, from roughly age seven onwards, start becoming a bit more sluggish. They are no longer the playful kitten they once were. Just as humans decrease in energy levels as we age, so too do cats.

Investing in senior cat food is an excellent way to help manage your cat’s age-related concerns. It’s an affordable way to keep them aging well, while also helping your pet stay healthy.

Aging Cats Have Slower Metabolism – Feed Them Accordingly

A senior cat is more likely to be less active than its younger self. They often spend more time indoors, and as such – their metabolism will begin to naturally slow down. This can result in weight gain from a more lethargic lifestyle. Which makes choosing cat food for senior cats an important consideration, opting for higher quality foods that are given in smaller portions.

Roughly Half a Cat’s Life is Spent as a Senior – Help Them Live it Well

Roughly 40% of your cat’s life is spent as a senior. So, in order to help them live well throughout the second phase of their life, it is important to give them the right food. High quality, tasty and easily digested protein will ensure they maintain their energy and health with balanced nutrition.

In addition to nutrition; minerals, vitamins and supplements, such as CBD products, can help your cat manage their aging joints and inflammation associated with age as well.

What Should You Feed Your Senior Cat?

Although a lot of pet owners may not be aware of this, there actually is senior cat food available on the market. It contains higher quality proteins with added nutrients, as well as fewer calories, and can usually be found where any cat food is sold.

How Much is Too Much Food for Senior Cats?

Portions are also something you want to consider for senior cats. Think – grazing.

Smaller meals more often will keep them interested in their meals, and snacks are a great option to promote grazing – which Pawt4Paws offers. Our wild salmon CBD cat treats are both flavourful AND effective, providing you with a product that delivers:

  • 120 grams of treats per bag
  • 1 mg CBD per treat (approximate)
  • Ingredients that are certified organic and fair trade
  • No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives,
  • No GMO’s
  • No Gluten
  • No wheat or soy
  • Third-party tested
  • 100% natural Canadian hemp

Also, serving your senior cat food at room temperature will help enhance the taste and smell of the food. While microwaving your cat’s food will bring out the flavour and provide food that can be more easily consumed.

Soft, smaller, bite-sized meat will also generally help a senior cat stay motivated to eat. Their mouths can become sensitive and their sense of smell and taste can also fade, so creating mini-meals for them will count for a lot as it pertains to their diet.

How Should You Feed Your Senior Cat

Having a large stable bowl that allows your senior cat to consume their food with ease is important. When they were young and spry, your cat would easily chase their food if need-be. But as your cat ages, comfort and ease become the priority.

To ensure their feeding bowl is low, away from their litter and water bowl, and offers a wide edge to keep their whiskers from grazing the edges. As well, place fresh food out for them to enjoy at the same time daily.

These creatures of habit thrive on a daily schedule that prioritizes their preferences and will help keep them content as they age.

You want the best for your pet(s) – and so do we. From helping alleviate anxiety with CBD oil, to improving mobility and diet, we want to help!

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