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Restlessness in dogs at night can be a nuisance to the entire household. It can also be concerning not knowing why your dog may be feeling restless.

Whether you feel the issue may be dog anxiety, or you are recognizing it as a new behaviour in your senior dog; underlying issues are key to pinpointing the cause – and Pawt4Paws is here to help!

Restlessness in Dogs at Night

So – what are some of the causes of restlessness in dogs at night?


Your canine’s cognitive state matters – especially when they are suffering from anxiety. Pacing during – what should be, a restful night, can add to that anxiety, creating a loop of dysfunctional behaviour.


Younger dogs clearly need adequate amounts of exercise and physical attention to be able to settle down at night. While older dogs, who are well into their senior years, may be suffering from too much exercise, causing your furry family member to pace due to joint and muscle pain.

Additional underlying issues of restlessness in dogs at night are covered in detail by, and can include:

  • Canine Dementia
  • Pain Caused By
  • Ear Infections
  • Dental Disease
  • Skin Disease such as itchy rashes or hot spots
  • Arthritis or other Joint Disease
  • Cystitis
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety

As mentioned by

“Because exercise decreases anxiety overall, lack of exercise can contribute to anxiety-based conditions. More specifically, lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to attention-seeking and destructive behaviors,” says

While activity can definitely help, canine anxiety can have many causes and may be subtle enough that some dog owners won’t necessarily notice. This can affect a dog’s sleep schedule and result in a dog who’s restless at night.

We also wrote about dog anxiety in a previous post, speaking to what you can do if your dog suddenly get anxious…

If your dog is anxious over being around something they don’t like such as kids, other dogs, people, or animals, your best bet is to remove them from the triggers.

One thing you can do to reduce this is to not bring your dog places they don’t want to be. If you know they don’t like other dogs, don’t bring them to your friend’s house where other dogs will be. This way, you reduce the anxiety by not allowing it to start in the first place.


Alternately, you can help your dog manage their anxiety with CBD.

Aiding in the quality of life for pets in general, is something Pawt4Paws excels at – and are happy to help you with via a variety of CBD products. The ideal natural remedy for a restless dog at night!

CBD: A Natural Remedy We Can Help With!

Whether you want to purchase CBD oil or CBD treats to help lull your pooch to sleep; our full lineup of CBD for dogs can be found here.

Our goal is to help pet owners find the right CBD product for their pet’s needs, and we are here to provide assistance in any way we can.

Feel free to contact us to help answer any additional questions you may have, and be sure to connect with us via FacebookInstagram or our contact us page to stay informed on our latest products, services, sales or promotions!


SIDE NOTE: Curious if CBD will make your dog high? The answer is – No. NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN THC. All of the products we carry are CBD or CannaBiDiol oil – derived from the plant Cannabis Hemp, which is different from the plant Cannabis Marijuana. Cannabis Hemp contains virtually no THC, while Cannabis Marijuana contains high levels of THC. CBD oil from hemp is NOT psychoactive and does not deliver a “high” feeling. You are likely to see relief in your pet from pain and inflammation, which could make them appear “happy” or “calm”.