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Ah yes, the barking dog, there’s nothing quite like it! Whether your dog barks at home, on walks, or at the park, it can get quite obnoxious and slightly embarrassing. Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Let’s first break down a couple reasons why your dog might be barking.


Dogs vocalize to express how they are feeling, just like us! There are few reasons your dog may be barking:

  • Territorial or Protective
  • Fear Based
  • Boredom or Loneliness
  • Greeting or Playing
  • Attention Seeking
  • Separation Anxiety

Whatever the cause may be, typically you as a dog owner don’t appreciate constant barking. The barking dog can get a bit frustrating, but remember that your dog is… well, a dog. Vocalization is a part of being a dog. The occasional bark or roo roo is completely normal, and you shouldn’t be concerned.


Working with your dog to stop barking is something that is going to take time, like most training does. Be patient, over time you will see the results!
During this process you should remember that yelling at your dog to stop barking will only encourage them, because they believe you’re just joining in on the fun. Use a calm but firm voice and choose one word you’re going to stick with such as “quiet”. When your dog is actively barking, wait for them to stop even if it’s just to take a breath and tell them “quiet” then give them a treat. Over time they will associate the word with being quiet and it will take less time for the command to process.

Remember that a tired dog is a happy and healthy dog. If your dog barks at night, try to get them out for a few hours to burn some energy so they’re too tired to bark!

Don’t let this problem go on for too long, stopping barking dogs starts when they are young. When they are older the habit will be harder to break but should over time with consistency and patience.


Your dog more than likely has separation anxiety. This can manifest in barking, chewing things they shouldn’t, using the bathroom in the house, etc. Your neighbors probably don’t enjoy the barking dog in the background too much! Work on the command quiet when you’re with them so they understand the need to be quiet. When you leave, obviously there isn’t much you can do to stop the barking. However, separation anxiety is our specialty! CBD is a great remedy for all kinds of anxiety, dog and human alike! We carry a few different strengths of CBD oil and Peanut Butter Pumpkin CBD treats.
Send us an email at or give us a call at 888.898.9080 and ask us if CBD is right for you!