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Hopefully, by June 1, BC Parks will re-open most provincial campgrounds and backcountry camping. That means we can start camping again! As a pet parent, you definitely want to take your pup on a trip with you. Camping with dogs might need a little extra prep, but you won’t regret taking your furry buddy with you.

Summertime – Playtime!

Summer is perfect for camping with dogs. They can run around all day long, play in the woods and of course swim in the refreshing water.

Even though it’s the best time to spend together, you probably need to do a few things before you start camping with dogs.

Research Dog-Friendly Sites. Before hitting the road make sure you check the rules of the campsites. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find a “No Dogs Allowed” sign. Some of the campsites have leash laws and others might be more dog-friendly in the off-season time.

Training and Discipline. Camping with dogs is sure fun, however, you need to refresh some camp-friendly training and keep the trip as safe as possible. Your pup will need good recall and “leave it” commands in case you encounter any wild animals on the trail. Also, we have more tricks on how to stop your dog barking at other dogs as you might share a campsite with other families as well.

Prepare for an Emergency. Nature is a wild and unpredictable place, so it’s essential to be prepared for anything. You can make a laminated card with your dogs information, health history, contact info or even vaccination record.

Here are some dog-specific-items you want to have before go camping:

  • Booties for protecting injured paws
  • First aid kit for treating pets
  • Needle-nose pliers for extracting a porcupine quill or a large thorn
  • Emergency fold-up blanket
  • A small container of mineral oil and a tick removal tool for tick removal
  • Direction, phone number of the closest vet clinic
  • Your CBD oil or CBD pet treat for pain or dog anxiety

If you are new to camping The Globe and Mail offers those best Canada’s campsites to visit.

You are all set! Now you can transform your camping with dogs into an amazing experience and Summer memories to remember.



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