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Cannabis is so interesting to me because it has been around and used for so long. As I have been writing on CBD and cannabis it’s amazing that throughout history this plant has been a staple in medicine, pleasure, and industry. As we have gone through in previous blogs, we know what CBD is, how it is extracted and that as mammals we have receptors for it. Let’s discover how it was used through the ages.

There have been many documents of cannabis being used medicinally since 1600 BC. Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman writings date 1600 BC  and Chinese writings much earlier. There has been no hard-physical evidence of cannabis in medicine until the 1990’s. Israeli scientist discovered residue of cannabis with the skeleton of a girl that died during childbirth approximately 1600 years ago. They concluded that the cannabis was used by the mid-wives to relieve pain and for relaxation.

Hemp can be dated back to as far as 2700 BC in Chinese writings and even further. It is documented that it was used for the same purposes as now, medicine, oils, and fibre. 2700 BC, seems like a blur to me, here’s what else was happening then. Egypt had the first female physician to be mentioned by name. South and central America, was starting to farm, cultivate and domesticate corn. The picture writings on cave walls that you see in the movie The Lion King, was used as civilizations main writing system.

Now that is Some CBD History, and gives some perspective of how long hemp has been used in the same way we are using it today.

What happened and when did it become jail time for having this plant? We don’t have to go back to far to where the prohibition began. By 1915 the Unites States started to prohibit and make cannabis illegal. This prohibition took over fast and by 1937 it was criminal to posses, buy, sell or use cannabis in the USA and China had made a similar law.

As fast as the prohibition came in and swept the world it is as quickly starting to relax. By 2002 cannabis was being re-established medicinally. In 2018 Canada was added to the list of two countries to legalize marijuana, Canada and Uruguay. The Unites States also made hemp legal federally in 2018 through the farm bill.

It is exciting to watch our world change its views back to where it was a hundred years ago. Hopefully we can start to utilize this plant to its full capacity: medicinally, recreationally and industrially.