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If you have just searched up ‘road trip with dog’ –  Google lead you to the right place! With everything slowly opening up here and BC, and progressively across Canada, road trips are making a comeback.

As such, Pawt4Paws would like you help you plan for successful summer day trips with your pup in tow. In addition, we would like to offer some advice on more lengthy road trips with your dog. Keeping everyone on the journey happy, healthy and well-adjusted throughout the adventure!

How To Take a Road Trip With a Dog in Tow

Perhaps this is the first time you are taking your dog on a road trip. Or perhaps you have recognized your pet’s anxiety when out of the home. Either way, knowing how to take a road trip with a dog in tow is important.

Here are 5 ways to ensure an effective road trip with your dog…

Give Your Dog the Room They Need to Feel Comfortable.

As mentioned in our ‘Car Safety Tips for Dogs’post:

“Dog barriers are perhaps the most popular method for pet parents and car safety for dogs. Especially when it comes to larger dogs. Dog barrier gates deliver an easy way to take your dog out. It gives them plenty of space to safely roam in the back of your vehicle.”

Get Familiar With the Area You’re Visiting Beforehand.

Nothing is more disappointing than getting to your destination of choice, just to discover there are no off-leash areas for your dog. Or worse; there are no dogs allowed. Although many parks and restaurants alike are becoming pet-friendly, there are some areas that still have restrictions in place against pets. So be sure to get familiar with where you’re going in order to ensure the road trip with your dog doesn’t become a disappointment.

Stop for Play Time.

Depending on the age and size of your dog, making stops to pee, run and play will also be an important part of a successful journey. Short pit-stops could mean the difference in a dog that is easy to travel with, or unknowingly creating anxiety in your dog for future road trip.

Incentivize the Road Trip for Your Dog

Yes, even dogs can use some incentives to behave well. Which is as simple as giving your dog a bone to chew on or a toy to play with. This will pass the time in a way that makes the journey seem quick and easy and enjoyable for your dog.

Plan Your Dog’s Food & Water

As with any good parent – planning meals is important. Whether investing in a collapsible water and food bowl for your dog, bringing along snacks that you know don’t agitate their stomach, or invest in CBD oil to mix with their food to make the journey a calm one. Planning your dog’s food and water will play an important part in an effective road trip.

CBD Oil for Anxious Pets: Best Natural Solutions

Because we and our pets have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our neuro system, CBD can target anxiety and help control stress, depression, and mood disorders. When CBD enters the body and reaches our brain it naturally increases serotonin levels and boosts signaling between the receptors. As a result, it reduces anxiety and fear and improves the pet’s mood behavior.

The Benefits of CBD When Road Tripping with a Dog

“Some dogs get really stressed and anxious while traveling, particularly if they aren’t seasons travelers. Traveling can be a scary experience – being in a small carrier and being made to endure a bumpy, dark and potentially noisy journey. If your dog is boarding a plane with you, being surrounded by so many people in a new environment, your dog will likely feel anxious and stressed. Pet owners and experts recommend using CBD oil for dogs traveling long distance, particularly if they are nervous or highly-strung.” – Pets That Travel

Ready to hit the road? CBD is an excellent way to create a positive experience for your pet for road trips and plane rides alike. Knowing how long it will take CBD products to take effect will be dependent on your dog’s breed and size. This is something we would be happy to discuss with you, finding the right CBD product for your ‘road trip with dog’ this summer!

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Wishing you many safe travels and great adventures this summer!