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If you are a pet parent, you likely enjoy good cat treats for your fur baby. Pawt4Paws is here to help educate you on why you may want to buy CBD cat treats. We will look at a variety of reasons – including the health benefits.

Interest in CBD products for pets has become increasingly popular, providing a safe and natural alternative for cat owners. Helping their pet manage everything from noticeable chronic pain issues, inflammation, agitation, anxiety – and more.

CBD Cat Treats – Offers Natural Healing & Wellness for your Cat

Pawt4Paws is proud to deliver CBD for cats, promoting natural healing and wellness for the much-loved fur baby of the family. We understand that your pet’s well-being brings you peace of mind also, and our CBD pet treat will do exactly that.

CBD cat treats offer the same great benefits for pets as they do for humans – including:

  • Alleviating arthritis
  • Combating stress and anxiety
  • Treating nausea
  • Addressing seizures
  • Suppressing gastrointestinal issues
  • …and more

CBD Cat Treats – Promotes Positive Play

If you have found that your cat no longer enjoys the simple pleasure of playing, and instead is lethargic and seemingly discontent. Then, CBD can be an excellent option for your cat, helping to promote positive play and renewing their energy.

Whether your cat is getting up there in age and suffers from mobility issues, or has become an aggressive cat. You may find that adding in a CBD pet treat will deliver some relief for your cat’s pain or stress, bringing back their natural feline playfulness and mobility.

A daily dosage of Pawt4Paws CBD Oil provides an amazing boost of natural ingredients, supporting daily physical and mental health while masked in a tasty salmon oil-infused CBD oil they will love.

CBD Cat Treats – Decreases Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety is a condition humans can easily detect and communicate to those around them, but clearly, your cat doesn’t have this same advantage.

As a pet parent, you are likely in-tune with your cat’s mood and behaviour, so you can probably tell if they have become increasingly agitated or stressed.

Although it is completely normal for a cat to appear on high alert when they are in some form of – what they perceive as a danger; this constant “fight or flight” stance should not be their norm.

If your cat seems to be continually on edge and/or out of sorts, our CBD cat treats are an excellent choice to calm them down quickly.

Perhaps you have recently moved, or your cat was accustomed to more alone time and the house is now a constant hum of activity due to working from home and/or homeschooling; these such changes can really affect your cat, noticeably displayed in their behaviour.

Having CBD cat treats on hand to combat these changes, will allow the entire family to better adjust to the changing “normals”, and create a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

CBD Cat Treats

CBD Cat Treats – How Can CBD for Cats Help

Once you have recognized your cat is in some form of daily distress, fixing it can be a much quicker solution than you may have thought.

Natural remedies are always the best option, and CBD for cats can help to tweak their serotonin and manage their neurological receptors, reducing anxiety – just as it does humans,

Whether ensuring your cat is getting adequate exercise and quality nutrition or supplementing a CBD cat treats; all of the above are natural ways to help alleviate anxiety caused by environmental, age or diet-related issues.

This article -> Top 10 Behavioural Problems in Cats can also help you uncover the ‘why’ behind your cat’s behavioural concerns, and offer additional ways to combat them.

CBD Cat Treats – Safety Concerns Addressed

It should be noted that CBD oil for humans should not be given to cats in any dosage amount whatsoever. CBD oil products made in Canada for humans may contain traces of THC that are potentially harmful to your pets. Be sure to ensure you are purchasing CBD products for cats specifically.

A daily dosage of our Pawt4Paws CBD oil for cats offers a boost of natural ingredients to support daily physical and mental health, all within the proper dosage amount required for your feline.

If giving your cat the best life they deserve is a priority to you. Then consider treating them to our tasty salmon oil-infused CBD oil. Turning a cat treat into treatment, and ensuring your furry family member is living a cared-for life.

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