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Working with a reactive dog can be very stressful, draining, and discouraging. It can also be incredible to watch a dog grow, learn, and change. As a reactive dog owner, you’ve more than likely tried it all. And now, discussions on how CBD can help reactive dogs are beginning to happen. Let’s set the record straight.

What Is A Reactive Dog?

A reactive dog is a dog who over reacts to something in their environment. This can include other dogs, birds, people, children, men with beards, someone in a hood, etc. Typically, a dog becomes reactive through little to no socialization, past abuse, genetics, or poor training. Reactivity is very common for dogs, but can be difficult to work through. Reactivity is not necessarily aggression. American Kennel Club wrote a great article for clarifying the difference between reactivity and aggression. CBD dropper being given to my reactive dog for his anxiety and arthritis.

Does CBD Help Reactive Dogs?

CBD can help dogs who struggle with reactivity, but not in the way you think it does. While CBD reduces anxiety, it is difficult to say that your dog won’t over react with CBD use. You can use CBD in cohesion with training to help reduce fear based reactions and responses to certain stimuli. It is false to say that CBD will help your dog be less reactive. If you hear a brand stating that CBD alone will make your dog “normal”, they are more than likely lying. Can CBD help your dog with anxiety? Yes. Can CBD stop your dog from over reacting? N0.

In the short of it, CBD helps reduce anxiety which has the possibility to make training easier. CBD does not stop dogs from being reactive.