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CBD Oil For Cats Salmon Flavour


Is your beloved cat no longer as curious as before? Are they displaying signs of anxiety, possibly even becoming more aggressive? Our high-quality CBD oil for cats might be just what they need to find relief and regain their active and vibrant selves. Acting as a great regular supplement, this product promotes overall health and well being, while effectively reducing anxiety, stress, inflammation, severe arthritis pain, joint discomfort, and even stimulating appetite.

Crafted with a blend of Wild Alaskan salmon oil and CBD, Pawt4Paws CBD oil provides a daily dosage of natural ingredients that support your cat’s physical and mental health. Isn’t it time to bring back their curiosity and ease their discomfort?


Pawt4Paws CBD oil for Cats Wild Salmon Flavour 400mg 30ml

Available in 400mg

Ingredients: Certified organic MCT coconut oil, CO2 extracted hemp CBD, Wild Alaskan salmon oil.

14 mg of CBD per 1 full dropper (1 mL)

Suggested Dose: .5ml to 1ml 2x per day

At Pawt4Paws we ensure that all the products we carry are made with the highest quality hemp and the highest industry standards. We only carry CO2 Extracted oils which means they are free of any chemicals. We recommend starting your pet on a half dosage for the first couple of days and inform your vet that you have started your pet on CBD oil.

Use the CBD dropper Chart and Online Calculator to figure your pets dose! 

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Weight.08 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 10 cm

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