BriteLife Hemp Terpene Oil 1000 mg “Tropical Breeze”


This one can be your perfect “on-the-go” hemp terpene oil as it is flavoured with refreshing pineapple and coconut for a tropical and refreshing burst when you are out. It can be used as an extra mid-day relief from anxiety or pain in times when you need it the most. Let this tasty tropical breeze unwind your body and mind and let you enjoy your day with no stress!

Britelife hemp terpene oil is 100% natural, non-GMO, Vegan and contains C02 extracted hemp terpene with organic MTC oil, 3rd-party tested, THC Free.


Best for: Mild Anxiety, Mild Inflammation, Mild Headaches, Stress, Focus and Brain Functions, Healthy Gut Support, Healthy Heart Support, Healthy Skin, Immune System Support, Mental Health Support,

Suggested Use: Start with 0.5ml twice a day for 4-7 days, after that you should be able to tell if you need to higher or lower your dosage.

Additional information

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm


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