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Many pet owners will agree that animals are good at reading human emotions.  Amazingly, dogs can pick up our moods which make them truly man’s best friend.

According to science, dogs form abstract mental vision of people’s negative and positive emotional states. In order to do that they combine various senses. Even more surprising, some studies show that dogs can read human emotions from our facial expressions.

Dog Can Smell Your Stress

Every time you’re stressed your furry best friend will know it. Just like any other human emotion dogs can smell your stress. When we are upset or anxious a special pheromone emits, so dogs can smell it and know right away that their master is not in the mood today. Animals like dogs have an excellent sense of smell. That means if we sweat, they can smell our stress too. In many cases your stress can cause anxiety in your dog.

Dogs Can Sense Your Intentions

Body language is one more way that helps dogs recognize human emotions. Studies have shown that dogs will never trust somebody with misleading body language and most likely will avoid contact with such people in the future.


Learning How to Manage your Stress

Knowing how to minimize your stress will help your dog be less stressful as well. Of course, human emotions are hard to manage, however, there are some great tricks on how to manage them.

Try to keep your everyday routine with your dog. For instance, try to never skip your dogs daily schedule like food, walks and most importantly, time together. Keeping their routine will will help so they won’t stress every time you are.

Soft music sounds. Already not a surprise that pets love music and can enjoy it the same as people. You can put some nice soft sounds on if you see your dog is in stress.

Time together. Never forget to pet your dog. They need our attention so they know we love them. If you feel like you had a bad day just go ahead and play with your pet. It is Proven, that bonding with animals minimize blood pressure, decrease stress and feelings of loneliness in both humans and dogs. How amazing is that?!

Use CBD oils for dogs. When many pharmaceutical drugs for stress and anxiety will have side effects, CBD oil is a natural and effective supplement which can improve health. In other words, it helps regulate hormones and positively effects our mind. Also, you can share your oil with a pet as it benefits animals in same way.  Check our best CBD products here.