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Pet owners adore their pets as though they were furry little children – and we can appreciate that! So when it comes to pet healthcare; choosing between CBD and antibiotics may be a difficult decision. Especially when the awareness of CBD for healthcare is still emerging.

As studies continue, the benefits of CBD – or cannabidiol, as it’s also referred to as, are being noted. In addition, pet owners are seeing a noticeable difference when introducing CBD vs. antibiotics into their pet’s healthcare routine. There may be a variety of reasons for that, and we’re here to delve into why!

How CBD Works

In our blog CBD Oil for Pain Management in Pets, we talk about how CBD works as it pertains to the endocannabinoid system.

“ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, is basically a chain of receptors found in animals and humans. These receptors are spread all over the living body including the brain, abdomen organs, bones, skin, lungs, reproductive system, and also vascular system…Sometimes your pet’s body has a deficiency in cannabinoids. As a result, the animal might experience different types of pain. CBD can easily increase missing cannabinoids, restore the balance in the ECS and help to relieve pain in pets.”

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Pet

Whether your pet suffers from anxiety, arthritis, allergies or any other number of internal or external concerns, there are many benefits CBD oil can offer your pet.

Hemp’s healing attributes and contains compounds that deliver pain relief for pets and humans alike CBD oil is a product extracted from hemp that can create a healing salve, softening the skin around a wound while helping to speed up the healing time of the wound itself.

CBD and Antibiotics – Understanding the Difference

CBD is an alternative therapy for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Pain management
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures

As well, it is an anti-inflammatory agent, which provides relief for a number of issues that occur due to inflammation. CBD is also known to help with symptoms of cancer. In fact, that is perhaps something that it is best known for overall.

CBD itself seems to be incredibly safe for dogs and cats and doesn’t appear to have any unsafe drug interactions. But this is something you will definitely want to discuss with your vet before administering yourself, clearing your pet of any negative side effects they may have become aware of.

Antibiotics, on the other hand, are the traditional medication given to both animals and humans. They come with their own risks and a variety of side-effects that are much more common, which including:

  • Allergic reactions including skin irritations like hives and rashes
  • Digestive problems such as stomach irritation, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Secondary infections such as yeast infections
  • Lethargy or lose their appetite

If the risks seem to outweigh the reward as it pertains to CBD vs. antibiotics, we would encourage you to talk to your vet about giving CBD a try. Our customers have had great success thanks to our CBD products, bringing their pet relief through this alternative means of care.

Some of Our CBD Products for Pet’s Include:

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR SMALL DOGS 200MG – delivered in a 200 mg bottle, which is perfect for your small doggo! A great addition to the everyday healthy routine, this CBD oil can relieve anxiety, arthritis and joint pain, inflammation, boost appetite and help to slow tumour growth. Help your pet live pain-free, happy and healthy!

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR GIANT DOGS 1100MG – is a CBD oil created specifically for giant breed dogs over 100 lb. It helps to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation and improve the quality of life for your pup. A daily dose of Pawt4Paws CBD oil is an amazing boost of natural ingredients to support daily physical and mental health. We want to help give your dog the best life they deserve, and this CBD oil does exactly that!

Curious to know how much CBD you should be giving to your pet? Our CBD chart and online dosage calculator can help you figure out the perfect dose for your pet once you have cleared CBD as a method of treatment through your vet.

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