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Giving the right amount of CBD for dogs and cats can make all the difference in the efficiency of this natural medication. Just like a regular over the counter drug, CBD needs to be given in the correct amount to work as desired. We’ve seen a lot of people discredit CBD entirely due to it “not working”. After discussing a proper dose, these people usually change their minds.

Pet CBD Dose Chart

We know this can seem complicated at first and understanding it as the Paw-Parent is key to making sure your fur-born gets the maximum benefits from the product.  Let’s try to unpackage it a little: HOW, WHEN and WHAT to do???

Think of ML as the amount of liquid in the dropper…and MG as the amount of CBD contained in that amount of liquid.

Use the calculator above to enter your pet’s weight, and it will show you the recommended dosage. It will also display the bottle size that corresponds.  Find that bottle size on the dosage chart below based on pet size (ie. Small, Medium, Large, Giant Dog, or Cat). In that column, you will see the suggested dose and how much of a dropper to give your pet. Give this amount twice a day.

Say your pet weighs 10lbs, the calculator above suggests 3.5mg 2x/day.  Look under the “small dog” bottle (400mg), and see that 1/4 of a dropper equals 3.5mg.  Give to your fur-born with food or directly in the mouth, morning and night.

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