CBD Dosage Calculator for Pets

Calculate An Accurate and Safe Dose of CBD for your Cat or Dog

The proper CBD dosage for dogs and cats can make all the difference in the efficiency of this natural medication. Just like a regular over the counter drug, CBD needs to be given in the correct amount to work as desired. We’ve seen a lot of people discredit CBD entirely due to it “not working”. After discussing a proper dose, these people usually change their minds.

Pet CBD Dose Chart

Follow the Chart Below for the Correct CBD Dosage for your Pet

When treating for an ailment, we highly recommend using our CBD dosage chart. This calculator uses your pet’s weight to find a dosage that is correct for their size. However, we recognize that a small dog may experience a big issue and need a larger dose. In this case, give your pet the suggested dose and wait 3-4 days before increasing if need be. We recommend increasing by a 0.25 each time you need to increase.

CBD Dosage for pets based on weight

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