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You should be practicing different pet care methods depending on the season, just the same as how we switch our closets over when the weather changes! When our pets are exposed to winter’s dry air, cold winds, and rainy forecasts, they can experience some mild discomfort. Chapped paws and noses, itchy and dry skin, and joint pain are all factors that can cause your pet to be a bit uncomfortable.



In the winter you should be walking your dog regularly. Putting booties on their paws is a great way to prevent snowballs from forming in their paw pads and to avoid irritated cold paws. It is also great way to avoid ice melt which is poisonous to pets. You can also apply a protection balm to their paws and nose before going out to prevent any discomfort caused from rain, ice, snow, or anything cold!


Try not to bathe your dog as often as you would in the summer. Going from extreme colds outside to dry heat in your home can cause your dog to have dry skin. Bathing them too often can exaggerate this. After going out, towel dry them focusing on their belly, legs, and paws to prevent irritants from working into your dogs skin. If needed, rinse off their belly and legs to remove excess dirt, but do not use shampoo. Make sure you towel dry them and give them a good brush to prevent tangles and matting. If their skin becomes dry and irritated, using a pet skin treatment with CBD will help. Clothing can help keep dirt and snow off of their skin, too. If you have a pet sweater or coat, use it! If you do not, use an old t shirt or long sleeve and tie the waist with a hair tie to prevent them from tripping on it. Clothing is also a great way to keep their body heat in.


If it’s too cold for you outside, it’s way too cold for them! Don’t leave your pets outside over night, they can freeze, become disoriented, get lost, or severely injured. The same goes for leaving them in the car. Leaving your pet in the car for a quick five minutes is okay, but do not leave them in there over an extended period of time. Cars act like refrigerators in the winter and keep the cold in.


Joint pain and arthritis can worsen with cold weather. Make sure they have a warm bed, blanket, or towel to sleep with at night! If you have a pet safe heating pad, put it under a blanket for them. Keep them away from drafty windows and doors. Their water should be close by and room temperature. Do not let your drink ice cold water! This will cause their internal body temperature to fall.


Pet care for cold months is crucial to keeping your pets happy and healthy! Make sure they have dry paws and belly before settling down. Give them a warm place to rest and put that cute little sweater on! They’ll thank you!