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When you’re moving with cats, it can add another layer of stress to the situation. However, there are ways to alleviate feline anxiety, which Pawt4Paws would like to make our readers aware of.

Whether you have a finicky feline that finds change to be a cause for alarm, or you simply want to get ahead of the concern before it becomes one – we can help!

The Art of Minimizing Stress Before Moving with Cats

When moving with cats, there is an art to minimizing stress. Cats are highly territorial and adverse to change. They tend to enjoy spending their time in a familiar environment with a consistent routine. As their human owner, you have a life outside of their needs too. One of which being – the occasional need to move; and them along with you.

So how can you minimize their stress while doing so? A few ways include…

Mitigate Your Cat’s Anxiety with CBD

By preparing your cat ahead of time with calming medication such as CDB, you will be one step ahead of them. Pawt4Paws offers a wide selection of CBD-infused treats and oils for cats, such as our Salmon Flavoured CBD Oil for Cats that you can easily put directly on their tongue for a quick calming effect.

As mentioned in our blog post ‘Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Buy CBD Cat Treats’: “If your cat seems to be continually on edge and/or out of sorts, our CBD cat treats are an excellent choice to calm them down quickly.”

Get Your Cat Comfortable with Their Carrier

If your cat is not accustomed to going inside their carrier, it is important to begin the process of getting them comfortable with that ahead of time. There are some tips on how to get your cat comfortable with their carrier here, offering ideas such as:

  • Keep the carrier accessible
  • Make the carrier a nice place to be
  • Feed your cat inside the carrier
  • Teach your cat the “in” command
  • Practice closing the carrier door
  • Practice picking up the carrier

Get Playful with Moving Boxes.

If your cat associates your moving boxes with a positive experience, their transition will go more smoothly. Make moving with your cat a fun experience for them by turning your moving boxes into a play area. Allow them to explore the boxes by turning a few of them on their sides as a makeshift playhouse. This will allow them to get familiar with the smell and look of these new items in your home.

In addition, you can even spray some catnip on a couple of the boxes to increase the positive experience. Alternately there is a spray called ‘Feliway’ that has a synthetic feline pheromone, which helps cats feel comfort. All of which can help to move with cats a more positive experience.

How to Normalize Moving with Cats During the Move

Once you have arrived on moving day, you will already be a few steps ahead of moving with your cat.

In order to make the day as normal as possible for them, be sure to…

  • Keep a routine, including their normal mealtime, playtime and nap time
  • Offer them treats throughout the day without overfeeding them
  • Take the opportunity at nap time to utilize their carrier for transport

Creating a Safe Space for Your Cat in Your New Home After the Move

Now that you have successfully moved your cat, creating a safe space for them will be your final step to help them ease into your new home. You can do so by…

  • Putting out things that are familiar to them such as their scratching post or the catnip sprayed boxes
  • Allow them to explore
  • Create a consistent feeding area and napping space for them
  • Get their litter box situated right away

Small efforts before, during and after moving with cats will help make the transition a seamless one. All of which can be enhanced with CBD cat treats, helping to keep your cat calm throughout the entire process.

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