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The three M’s we need in our routine: Morning Mindfulness Meditation! Meditation is the second most popular mind and body practice in the US, based on a study done in 2017. Since 2012, we’ve seen the number of people practicing meditation triple. This may be attributed to more and more people joining the wellness movement which seeks to bring more attention to health and wellness practices for individuals and groups.

What is Morning Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindful meditation as described by The Harvard Gazette teaches the skill of “paying attention to the present by noticing when your mind wanders off”. When you notice yourself wandering off, you’re meant to bring yourself back to center and be in the moment. By doing this you reduce stress and find a place within your own mind when you can rest and settle. This allows you to be in the moment with out worry of what the future may hold. Even if this is done for 10-15 minutes, you will notice a reduction in your stress levels with daily practice.

What To Do?

Set aside 5 to 10 minutes when you wake up to sit in a quiet area with no distractions. Yep, that’s right, leave your phone in another room! Sit down somewhere comfortable, such as crisscross on the floor, kneeling on a pillow, whatever works for you! Once you’re seated, close your eyes and try to remain still. Focus on your breathing and cultivate a connection to your breath as best you can. Set an intention for your meditation. This could be being positive, meeting new friends, getting a new job, etc. Think about your intention through out the day or remember it when you’re struggling with something. While seated with slow deep breaths, remain in the moment as much as you can. After about 10 minutes you can finish your practice by journaling.

What Do I Write About?

Journaling can feel daunting at times, but it can be a great piece of your morning mindfulness meditation. You can write down any thoughts you have related to any stressors in your life. This helps to visualize what is causing you stress and will help you to tackle it better. After this, list 5 things you’re grateful for. By doing this, you open yourself to abundance for the rest of the day.

Continuing The Practice

The more you meditate the easier it becomes. As this becomes integrated into your routine, you should notice a feeling of control over your stressors. If you find your stress and anxiety to be too much, reach out to your doctor. If you’re seeking a holistic alternative to OTC drugs, CBD is a powerful and effective natural way to calm anxiety. You can read more about how CBD works for anxiety here.

Consistency is key for morning mindfulness meditation!