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As the holiday season approaches its time for joy, laughter, and festive decorations. As we deck the halls and wrap up presents, it’s crucial to keep our furry friends in mind to ensure a safe and happy celebration for all. In this blog post, we’ll explore some pet friendly tips to navigate the Christmas chaos, particularly when it comes to wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and presents.

Choose Pet Safe Wrapping Materials

  • Opt for non-toxic and Eco-friendly wrapping paper. Some traditional wrapping papers may contain harmful chemicals or dyes that could be harmful to pets if ingested.
  • Consider using recycled or unbleached paper, as it’s gentler on the environment and less likely to pose a risk to your pets.

Avoid Decorative Bows and Ribbons

  • While those shiny bows and ribbons add a touch of glamour to presents, they can be enticing for curious pets. Cats, in particular, may see them as toys.
  • Opt for simple, pet-safe alternatives like cotton ribbons or fabric bows. These are less likely to cause digestive issues if accidentally ingested.

Supervise Gift Unwrapping

  • Keep a watchful eye on your pets when it’s time to unwrap presents. Excitement can lead to unruly behaviour, and pets might ingest small pieces of paper or other materials.
  • Dispose of wrapping materials promptly to prevent your pets from playing with or chewing on them.

Create a Pet-Friendly Gift Zone

  • Designate a specific area for opening gifts and keep it pet-friendly. This can be achieved by removing potentially hazardous items and ensuring that pets have their toys to keep them occupied.
  • Consider gating off the gift area or placing a cozy bed where your pet can observe the festivities without being in the midst of the chaos.

Secure Christmas Tree Decorations

  • If your pets have access to the Christmas tree, make sure to secure ornaments, Christmas decorations and other holiday decor, especially those that resemble toys or are made of materials that can be harmful if chewed.
  • Anchor the tree securely to prevent accidental toppling.

Monitor Electric Lights and Cords

  • Pets may be attracted to twinkling lights and may attempt to chew on cords. Ensure that all electric lights and cords are safely secured and out of reach.
  • Consider using pet-proof cord covers or deterrent sprays to discourage chewing.

Provide Safe Haven During Celebrations

  • Some pets may find the hustle and bustle of holiday gatherings overwhelming. Create a quiet area away from loud noises, but comfortable space where they can retreat if needed, complete with their bed, toys, and water.
  • To help calm anxious pet using products like CBD or pheromone sprays to help them relax during the festive season.

With a little extra attention and consideration, you can ensure that your four legged family members have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. By choosing pet-friendly wrapping materials, supervising gift unwrapping, and creating designated pet zones, you’ll be able to celebrate Christmas with peace of mind, knowing that your furry friends are as safe and merry as can be.

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