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Is your dog restless at night? There are reasons why your dog may be having issues.

Whether it has become more noticeable as they age, is a side effect of anxiety, or perhaps is due to a lack of exercise. The reasons may be plentiful, but there are answers we dive into below to help your restless dog find rest – and you alongside them!

Co-Sleeping with a Restless Dog

At the end of a long day, everyone simply wants to have a peaceful sleep. Which is hard to do if you co-sleep with a dog that is restless at night.

Restlessness is common in young pups with a lot of energy, but as your dog matures, it should grow increasingly calm and welcome sleep at night. If this is not the case and your dog changes positions constantly or paces around the house at night, there may be underlying issues that make co-sleeping with your restless dog bothersome, but they can be solved!

Intervention for a Restless Dog

Your dog’s restlessness should not go ignored. Finding out the ‘why’ is important in helping to uncover the ‘how’ to correct it.

Here are some suggestions on both…

Daily Exercise – daily exercise is often what pet parents are encouraged to try first. Just like humans, dogs also need daily exercise to help with their overall health and wellbeing.

Having the opportunity for your pet to expend energy throughout the day will help your dog become less restless at night.

Depending on your dog’s energy levels, activities can range from a calm walk around the block to a full-blown game of fetch. For older dogs, swimming is also a great activity that is easy on their joints, while still giving them a full-body workout that will tire them out accordingly.

Simply put – a tired dog is a happy dog. So if you have a restless dog, tire them out!

Anxiety – anxiety is another reason your dog may be restless. It can be caused by something as simple as a lack of exercise, or by something more serious like separation anxiety, which we discussed in a previous blog.

Finding the cause of your pet’s anxiety will allow you to treat it, helping you settle your restless dog and get them (and you) the rest they need at night.

Dementia – dementia in older dogs can also lead to dog restlessness. Senior dogs can struggle with a variety of concerns, one of which being dementia. This is also a contributing factor to ‘restless dog syndrome’ – and can be helped.

CBD: The Natural Solution for Restless Dogs

Aside from exercise or uncovering more serious medical concerns, a restless, anxious or ageing dog can benefit greatly from CBD products.

Introducing CBD treats or oils into your pet’s diet can alleviate everything from…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • …and more!

So, what are the best CBD products for your pet and how do you choose them? We discussed that here, helping pet parents understand what to look for when investing in holistic help.

Some of our pointers included finding CBD products:

  • 100% Natural and Additive-Free
  • Lab (Third-Party) Tested
  • Price
  • Type of Product (to fit the need)

Regardless of if you own a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, Pawt4Paws offers a wide variety of CBD products that can help a dog that is restless. Neither size nor breed matters, as they can all benefit from either our oils, treats, creams or balms in which to alleviate the ailment they are bothered by.

Our CBD Products for Dogs

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR MEDIUM DOGS 500MG – comes in a 500 mg strength bottle, designed specifically for medium dogs to help them improve their health and quality of life.

Made with MCT organic coconut oil, this blend is the most effective way for the body to absorb CBD. MCT organic coconut oil and CBD is unscented and mild flavoured, and your dog is sure to love it!

CBD PROTECTION BALMallows you to simply glide the CBD Protection Balm directly over your pet’s sensitive or exposed skin areas. You can use it on their bellies, legs, armpits around their ears or any other sensitive spot that requires added care for sore skin.

The coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E and hemp seed oil, along with the CBD, is an amazing all-natural balm that heals and moisturizes. A product that may be the right fit in calming your dog’s restlessness if they are suffering from an irritating skin condition.

Curious to know more about our CBD products for restless dogs? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have via email,, phone 1-888-898-9080,  Facebook or Instagram or our contact us page!

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