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Is your cat sneezing all the time? There may be good reasons for it.

Just like their human caretakers who may frequently sneeze; a sneezing cat can be caused from a range of issues that will fall anywhere between common to concerning.

Reasons your cat may be sneezing, outside of the ‘normal’ range, is what Pawt4Paws is here to better understand alongside you. Our desire is to help our reading audience uncover and unpack why their cat may be sneezing and how they can help. So without further ado…

Why Cat Sneezing May or May Not Be a Cause for Concern

Constant cat sneezing, especially including nasal discharge, fatigue or loss of appetite, could be an indicator your cat has an illness. Although such things will need to be checked by a vet to verify, there are ways to narrow down your cat’s sneezing concerns.

Some of the more benign reasons for cat sneezing include:

  • Dust or fur agitating their nose
  • Allergies to household items or common seasonal irritants
  • Items stuck inside their nose (yes, this can and does happen!)

Outside of these fairly benign factors that may be causing your cat to sneeze, the more serious concern with a cat sneezing can include upper respiratory disease – which we will address later.

For now, let’s dive deeper into our above list…

Agitations Leading to Your Cat Sneezing. These contributors can be a simple fix that will require regular cleaning to keep such agitations away from your cat’s nose. After all, your furry friend is a lot closer to the floor than you are. Therefore, they are constantly breathing in anything that might be on it, which includes dust and fur. So regularly vacuuming can help alleviate the problem or narrow down the concern.

Are Seasonal Allergies Causing Your Cat to Sneeze? Your cat sneezing can include the very same things that humans are allergic to. Allergens such as mold, dust, scents, smoke, pesticides and pollen and all things that can trigger your cat to sneeze.

Allergies, in both humans and animals alike, have been contributed to inflammation. This is something our CBD products for cat’s can help to alleviate – as mentioned in our blog post: CBD for Cats: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

“From wounds, inflammation, anxiety, pain and beyond, the positive benefits of CBC for animals are highly recognized. In fact, it is the go-to treatment for many holistic veterinarians, such as those at Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists in Williston, Vermont.  

CBD for your cat’s sneezing concerns may be worth investing in as an alternative to medication. In addition, it is a good way to narrow down is allergies are the issue.

Upper Respiratory Disease – When to be Concerned for Your Cat Sneezing

As mentioned, upper respiratory infections in cats can also be a reason why your cat may be constantly sneezing. This is a highly contagious condition and can be passed onto other animals in the home.

Pointers to upper respiratory disease will often include nasal discharge, fatigue and a loss of appetite. As well, diarrhea, coughing, or breathing difficulties can be a sign of a viral, bacterial or fungal upper respiratory infection. This is something you will want your vet to take a look at immediately.

How to Help Prevent Cat Sneezing

There are a wide-range of ways pet owners can help prevent cat sneezing. Some worth trying include…

  • Keeping your kitten’s environment clean
  • Removing air fresheners from your home
  • Changing your laundry detergent to a non-scented variety
  • Smoking outdoors
  • Switching disinfectants and cleaning products in your home
  • Changing and sanitizing your cat’s litter box more frequently

Once you begin implementing these changes, recognize whether or not your cat’s sneezing subsides. If everything has been done to try and alleviate irritants in your home and your cat is still clearly uncomfortable and constantly sneezing, take them to the vet to find out the root cause.

Also, because CBD can greatly reduce inflammation that can lead health concerns in human’s and pet’s alike – it may be worth discussing this option with them.

Introducing our CBD products into your cat’s diet could provide the relief you (and they) are looking for, helping to address a variety of ailments in a safe and effective way.

We would be happy to discuss or answer any questions you might have regarding our CBD cat products – which you can find here. Or feel free to contact us via email, phone 1-888-898-9080,  FacebookInstagram or visit our contact us page.

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