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Many pet parents enjoying snuggling with their dog in bed, as long as their pet is a calm and quiet sleeper. However, for those with dogs that snore, co-sleeping can be problematic. Which begs the question: is dog snoring normal? What causes it and what can you do about it? Allow us to give you some insights and suggestions!

Is Dog Snoring Normal?

For some – yes. Dog snoring can be completely normal in some dog breeds, including:

  • English Bulldogs
  • Shih Tzus
  • Pugs

This is due to their ‘brachycephalic’ predisposition. Meaning – they have a broad skill and a short snout, causing them to have a shortened breathing passage, which leads to snoring.

Dr. Jeff Werber, a LA Veterinarian famous for taking care of celebrity pets, says: “As we breed dogs to have shorter snouts, the soft palette in the back of their throat doesn’t change, and that can be a problem”. As such, how your dog chooses to sleep, its neck shape and the length of its nose, are all factors for breathing and can all contribute to snoring. So is dog snoring normal? Yes, in some breeds.

When Should You Be Concerned About Your Dog Snoring?

There are definitely factors that can lead to your dog snoring outside of breed commonalities, which include:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hypothyroidism

Tooth decay left unchecked can lead to an infection. This infection can make its way to the nasal passage resulting in your dog snoring. Sleep apnea is incredibly rare, and also highly expensive to correct in dogs, but it can be another factor as mentioned.

Hypothyroidism can be diagnoses through a blood sample, which is a fairly easy medication fix. Sometimes this issue will resolve quickly, while other times it may require your dog to be on medication for life. More simple concerns surrounding dog snoring include excess weight. Although we all love to treat our pets to human foods and tasty treats, this can sometimes be to their detriment.

In pets, extra fat is often stored in the throat, blocking their airway and causing them to snore. This is both uncomfortable for your pet as well as a noisy nuisance for pet owners. A simple fix that you simply need to be aware of.

Solutions for Dog Snoring

A short-term solution for pet owners who have a dog that snores; earplugs!

Sustainable solutions for dog snoring? Firstly, it is important to know the root cause as mentioned above, then addressing it will become more clear. But as you work towards a permanent solution, additional ways you can support your pet’s breathing includes…

Investing in a Humidifier. This will increase the moisture in the air and help your pet find some relief to dry air concerns, which may be contributing to their snoring.

Introducing CBD Products into Their Diet. This will help alleviate inflammation that can lead to snoring in dogs, offering them immediate relief and making a noticeable difference.

CBD Products for Your Dog That Offer Relief

CBD Venison and Blueberry Dog Treats. These are a great way to help calm your pet when you are in a situation that requires a quick, no fuss, and no mess solution. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety, or you wish to introduce CBD Dog Treats in an edible way; these are a tasty way to do so while helping your dog relax too.

A 200 mg bottle of CBD for Small Dogs is perfect for your little doggo! A great addition to the everyday healthy routine, CBD oil can relieve anxiety and inflammation leading to snoring in dogs.

Made with organic MCT coconut oil, this blend is the most effective way for the body to absorb CBD. MCT organic coconut oil and CBD is unscented and mild flavoured. Your dog is sure to benefit from this product, helping them to live pain-free, happy and healthy.

There are a wide variety of CBD products for dogs to choose from, which can lead to a solution to your dog’s snoring – and more.

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