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Once you are a pet parent there will be always a time to consider adding another dog or cat into your house. The only problem is how your current pet will react to a new animal in the house? How do you introduce a new dog to a cat?

Scenario #1

Face to face introduction might be a good start for both. Ask other family members to hold a dog on a loose lead while you can slowly let the cat into the room. You want to watch the cat’s body language and make sure there is no aggression. If the dog is calm around the cat you can ask her to sit or lie down. Then give her some treats. If you see the cat is also relaxed and not raising his back then just allow him to move freely around the house. If this scenario doesn’t work, move on to the next one.

Scenario #2

If a sudden introduction is not your choice, try slow and steady. When you introduce a new dog to a cat it might not always go smooth at the beginning. You have to realize that all animals have their own personality, and some need more time to adjust than others.

Try to separate them for a while, giving each pet their own space. Make a safe place where they cannot get close or bug each other. Give your kitty all he needs in his place: food, water, litter box and toys. Allow them to interact by observing each other but not being able to access the “foreign territory”.

Dogs are usually too excited about new members of the family and that might be irritating for a cat in some ways. Give them time to get used to the smell and presence of the other “baby” in the family. Make sure you give equal attention to both and don’t make them jealous.

With time and under your supervision those two might even end up being best friends and develop a harmonious relationship.

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