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How is it possible that dogs love to swim so much but hate baths? Well, there are plenty of reasons why your dog wants to stay away from scary bath time. Let’s see why your dog hates bath time so much and what we can do.

Not so Hot, Please!

Yes, while you are thinking the water temperature is perfect, your pet is trying to escape the bath in all possible ways.

When the water is too hot, or too cold it creates negative sensations which makes your dog hate bath time for the next few weeks. How to know the temperature is right? Try spraying the nozzle on your forearm first. That area is more sensitive than your hands.

Too Harsh Spray

Now that the water is a good temperature, the spray pressure can be to harsh. This is one of the main reasons why your dog hates bath time. Running water combined with high pressure can upset your per or even scare it. Instead, try not to spray it directly on your dog, try to let the water hit your hand first. Then gently move the nozzle across your pet’s body.

Bad Shampoo Selection

Pet’s skin has a different pH balance than ours. Shampoo’s that are good for you can be to dehydrating for their skin. Try to pick natural organic options with fewer chemicals if possible.

Painful Brushing

If your dog has longer fur, brushing might be very painful for them, especially if their hair is matted or has knots. To make grooming a pleasant experience, first, make sure you brush them regularly. If you feel like your dog has tangled fur, take him to a professional groomer. The groomer will advise which brushes to use and how often to brush and wash your pet.

In the end, just be more attentive to the needs of your dog. Sometimes what seems good for us is a nightmare for them. If you have a dog that hates bath time, do your best to comfort them and avoid those pet parent mistakes.


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