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CBD oil isn’t a high-maintenance product, but there are a few tricks you need to know to maximize its shelf life and get the benefits you need.

Simple But Effective

Tip #1. Keep your CBD oil in a dry dark place, preferably at room temperature. As with any other natural oils, it is best if you keep your bottle away from extreme temperatures. While refrigeration is possible, keep in mind it can make your oil thicker and harder to use with a dropper.

One thing you don’t want to do with your CBD oil is to freeze it. Very low temperatures might affect the consistency of the oil, it could become cloudy and less effective.

Tip #2. Most natural supplements, cosmetic products, and, of course, oils, don’t store well in direct sunlight.  Windowsills, high shelves, or countertops might be not the ideal place to store your CBD oil. With time the oil can be affected by the sun, air, or temperatures that might change its color from clear and light to darker and more yellow. If you see your CBD oil changed its color it might be a good time to buy a fresh bottle!

Tip #3. Keep the bottle lid closed tightly all the time. Obviously, there is no way to avoid not opening your bottle as you bought it for a reason. Just try to be careful and make sure your CBD bottle is closed when not in use. When you expose oil to oxygen it may result in oxidative stress. This means it might be way less effective if effective at all.

How to store CBD oil – Final Thoughts

CBD is a long-lasting and highly effective natural product and can change your health life for good. Once you follow these basic tips, you can easily maximize the shelf life of the product and enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for up to two years.


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