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If you are a pet owner, we are here to help your scared kitty feel confident with CBD’.

Fear and anxiety are as equally real in your pets as it is in a human. Although displayed and ‘communicated’ differently, ‘scared cat’ syndrome is a real thing.

Take a read to uncover the root causes as to why your cat may be scared and how you can treat it.

Can CBD Truly Treat a Scared Kitty?

Calming your kitten might seem like an oxymoron. Between their natural energy and a cat’s infinity to play, a calm kitten would seem like an unusual pursuit.

However, there is a big difference between a naturally curious and energetic cat and a scared cat with nervous energy. This is where our CBD products come in to help your cat play with ease, offering natural cannabinoids that deliver calm.

Causes of ‘Scared Cat’ Syndrome

There is a wide range of reasons why you might have a scared kitty.

A Prematurely Weaned Cat – If your kitten seems like they scare easily, they may have been prematurely weaned. Kittens taken from their mothers too early often display separation anxiety, appearing as a scared cat. As well, rescue kittens and cats alike often suffer the same concerns.

Human handling should not take place until roughly 7 weeks after birth, allowing enough time for the kitten to mature with mom This will help to prevent undue separation anxiety.

Noticeable attachment to you is a direct result of not having had enough time to detach from their mom. Although this may seem cute at first, it can lead to behavioural problems.

CBD products for your kitten are a great way to help with a premature weaning process, providing both relief and calm for your cat and yourself.

A Cat’s Genetic Predisposition – There are some cats that are simply genetically predisposed to react with fear. Unfortunately, you can neither predict nor prevent a genetically timid cat. You can, however, ease a scared cat’s anxiety with CBD products, as well as positive socialization and exercise.

Your Mental State – Animals have a very innate sixth sense. This is why your mental state and level of anxiety can lend itself to how your cat may be feeling.

Whether appearing anxious and displaying frequent agitation or even internalizing it – the more anxious you are the more fearful your cat may become.

Understanding the Behavioural Patterns of a Cat that is Habitually Scared

It takes time to recognize behavioural patterns, especially when it comes to a scared cat. Cat’s are already naturally dispositioned to be ‘skittish’. However, things like dilated pupils, a crouched body and lowering their tail are clear signs of fear.

Some additional signs and symptoms of a scared kitty include:

  • Chronic sleepiness
  • Decreased activity
  • Hyperactivity or restlessness
  • Hiding
  • Aggression
  • Pooping, peeing or vomiting
  • Endless meowing
  • Weightless

Easing your cat’s nerves can take time, but CBD for cats can help ease them into creating a new normal.

Natural Remedies for Nervous Cats

If your cat suffers from anxiety, there are several things that your vet may recommend. If severe, your vet may prescribe anti-anxiety medication.

There could be some non-prescription therapies you could try first for mild to moderate anxiety, although it is always advisable to consult with your veterinarian first.

One of our CBD products that is great for a scared kitty is our PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR CATS SALMON FLAVOUR.

This high-quality CBD oil product for cats will give your pet that needed relief and bring them back to their active self.

A daily dose of Pawt4Paws CBD oil offers an amazing boost of natural ingredients to support daily physical and mental health. Treating them with this tasty salmon oil-infused CBD oil product is easy and effective, and we are proud to provide it for pet parents seeking help with their pet’s wellbeing.

Additional Ways to Help Your Scared Kitty:

  • A safe, enriching environment that provides positive distractions
  • Scent therapy including hops or chamomile
  • Catnip, or our Wild Salmon CBD Cat Treats
  • Cat trees or play areas

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