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We’re reaching that time of year where it’s either too wet or too cold to go outside and get a good walk in with your dog, so we’re sharing our favorite ways on how to exercise your dog indoors!

Easy Indoor Exercises For Your Dog

Grab Their Favorite Toys

Dogs love to play, we all know this by now. Grab our your dog’s favorite toys and start playing. No seriously, get into with them! Never underestimate the power of playtime. Whether you play tug-o-war, or fetch down the hallway or up the stairs, your dog will thank you!

Treat Games

If you haven’t heard of snuffle mats, they’re a great mental enrichment for dogs. Essentially, they are mats with pockets and fabric loops where you can hide treats. This is a great way to get your dog’s mind working. You can make your own too! Grab a sink mat and some strips of fleece. Tie them to the dish mat and hide treats in it once your done. Your dog will be occupied until they finish!

Treat dispensers are also a fun way to get some stimulation going. You can find treat dispensing toys at almost any pet store. You can also make some at home. Cut holes in an old yogurt container big enough for treats to fall out of. Put some treats in, close the lid, and let your dog do the work!

Kongs are another great way to get those wheels turning. You can put almost anything in these bad boys. Some crowd favorites are wet dog food/raw food, peanut butter, scrambled eggs (no cooking oil), and frozen plain Greek yogurt. If you don’t have a Kong, try using an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. To make it harder, fold the edges over so they have to unfold them to get to the goods.

Teach A New Trick

There’s hundreds of YouTube videos on trick training. Try working something your dog doesn’t know yet. Whether it be roll over, spin, middle, or touch, your dog will be a pro in no time. This is our favorite and easy video for learning the command touch!

Play A Game Of Search

Hide treats through out the house and let them find it. If they need a little help, you can direct them to the area. This is a great way to get some scent work in with out having to leave the house. For seasoned pros, place the treats on different heights such as the ground, a shelf, the couch, etc. It’s even better if they don’t find them all right away and then find them later for a nice surprise snack!

Get On The Treadmill

Yep, you read that right. If you have a treadmill at home, teach your dog to walk on it! Have your dog stand on the treadmill before turning it on. Once they are standing on the treadmill, start it on a low speed. If you dog begins walking in place, they pretty much have the idea! If they just plop off, start over and put a treat out in front of them. Eventually they’ll get the hang of it! We love this video for treadmill training.

You’re Set!

Now that you have a few activities under your belt, you won’t be asking how to exercise your dog indoors, you’ll be teaching your friends! Find out which one of these games your dog loves the most by simply trying them out. Good luck, and have fun!