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A puppy is the cutest thing ever. While they are all small and adorable, we think there is nothing wrong with letting them just run around the house and enjoy themselves. However, as time goes by it won’t be easy to discipline a misbehaving puppy. So the best thing you can do while they are still small is actually teach them some rules.

Destructive Behavior: What to do?

First it should be noted that all dogs like digging around, chewing toys and bones, chasing birds or rabbits, and being protective. It is normal behavior of a healthy and happy dog. Also, some puppies can go overboard and it might be a serious problem. Misbehaving puppies can damage furniture, clothes or anything left around. He can howl, whine, bark without a reason just to grab your attention. He paces around endlessly and there is no way to stop him running all the time.
No matter how hard you try you can’t discipline your misbehaving puppy? Here are some tips that can help you.

Basic Lessons to Train your Dog

Destruction. Every time you need him pay you attention just try make a loud noise. Shake a jar with few coins or just slap on the table. That will distract a pup from whatever crazy things he was doing and let them know you are not OK with that.
Isolation. Puppies are very social so you can use it as a way to control his behavior. Say no and ignore your dog. In other words this will demotivate the puppy and he will stop doing what he is doing.

Sit Command. After you said “no”, say “sit”. This will give your dog something else to do than the bad thing. Maybe it won’t last long but disciplining your misbehaving puppy will give you a chance in the future to have a well-behaved reliable friend.

CBD supplements. Sometimes your pup is just to hyper! Dogs can be overly stressed or experience separation anxiety. CBD oil for dogs can greatly benefit your dogs mental health and for sure calm down a hyper puppy. Its a yummy supplement, full of natural ingredients to improve your pets diet and let them live a full happy life.
Above all, whatever it is that your dog doing, remember to discipline a misbehaving puppy. As a result of your dedication and training you will see that it is easier to shape their personality when they are a small and an inexperienced puppy.