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In most cases pet parents are complaining about their pets being too hyperactive. But there is another side of the coin. Sometimes, because of mental or physical reasons, our pets appear to be unhappy, not in a good mood and have very little life energy.

Why is this happening and how do you boost your low pet energy?

Reasons for Low Pet Energy

We tried to gather the most common factors which can contribute to your pet energy level and health.

#1. Stress

Probably this one is the top reason why some pets can be not be in the mood to eat, play or cuddle with their parents. Being more socially isolated than people, pets are more affected by stress and anxiety than us.

It is hard for them to adapt to everyday life changes such as: moving into a new home, accepting new members of the family or simply feeling lonely when their parents are not around. The drastic drop in cortisol levels might leave them very tired and with less energy.

#2. Pain.

Your furry baby might simply be in pain. As when it hurts, we know, its not fun to play.

#4. Depression.

Does your pet get enough playtime and exercise? Do you pay enough attention to them every day? Same as humans, pets need to stretch their bodies regularly and feel that love and attention every day or they might get depressed.

#5. Age.

Age can be the reason why your pet is low on energy. Same as people, older dogs or cats like to be left alone and spend more time resting or sleeping.

#6. Sickness.

You might want to check with your vet and see if your pup is healthy. Any changes in his mood or energy level can be triggered by sickness.

CBD can Boost Energy

As we mentioned in CBD Oil For Pain Management in Pets: Step by Step Guide, animals and humans have an ECS or endocannabinoid system in their bodies. This system is responsible for an overall healthy balance within the body. When your pet has a deficiency in cannabinoids, he might experience different health issues, including low energy and tiredness.

low pet energy

What does the Science Say?

This study found that CBD can boost low pet energy in a healthy way by “regulating the wake-promoting agent”, which is responsible to keep us active during the day. It is good to mention that CBD does not act as a stimulant, instead it restores imbalance within the body.

How to Give CBD for the Best Health Results

Before starting any treatment, yourself, always consult with your vet to rule out any underlying conditions and possibly serious illnesses that might cause low energy in your pet.

We encourage you to find high-quality CBD of a reputable company. You want natural, the third party tested, pure product for best health results. Always give your cat or a dog a CBD formula designed specifically for pets. While humans can take pets CBD without any issues, animals need a different concentration of the oil.

Check this online dosage calculator, to see what the perfect dosage for your pet according to his weight.

Allow CBD oil to accumulate in the body. It might take a couple of days to see the benefits.

CBD is definitely something worth trying especially for low pet energy. It can give a natural boost to his body, lower the stress level, elevate mood, relieve the pain and just restore their missing health balance. Don’t skip on your pet’s health and they will pay you back with unconditional love and friendship.


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