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Wounds or cuts found on your dog is always a concerning issue for pet parents – and we can empathize with that. This is why we want to help our reading audience understand ‘How CBD Helps to Heal Wounds & Cuts in Dogs’.

The Importance of Dog Wound Care

Wounds in dogs might start off as a simple cut but can quickly lead to other complications such as infections – making swift dog wound care an important step to prevent added concerns.

In addition to potential health complications with your pup, pain can also be a factor when your dog is suffering from a wound. And although there are many antiseptics available over the counter, a lot of pet owners are looking for natural alternatives to care for common pet illnesses, including cuts and wounds, which makes CBD oil for dog wounds an excellent choice.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dog Wounds

Did you know that marijuana and hemp contain compounds that deliver – not only healing attributes but also pain relief to the skin of the person or pet receiving it? This is especially true for CBD oil, which softens the skin around a wound while helping to speed up the healing time of the wound itself.

More and more people are discovering the healing power of cannabidiol – both in humans as well as pets, thanks to its potent compounds that deliver a variety of benefits to the body.

There are various articles discussing the scientific studies in humans and the positive effect CBD and THC can have. Although, human CBD oil can be harmful to pets, because of a higher concentration of CBD in it. Always better buy specifically designed CBD products for pets.

As it relates to dogs, they are reported to have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain compared to humans, suggesting that they may be more susceptible to toxic effects of the THC in human CBD products.

However, the correct dosage contained in our CBD oil for dog wounds can help heal and calm your pet simultaneously, while offering them safe relief and quicker healing time too.

CBD Oil for Wounds in Dogs - not only offers healing properties, but also a pain relief, which helps to speed up the treatment process.

Wounds in Dogs – the Right Products for Their Care

Pawt4Paws delivers both a balm and a cream that can offer instant relief for wounds in dogs, including our…

CBD PROTECTION BALM – which glides easily over your pet’s wounds, ensuring minimal discomfort in the application process. Whether your dog has a wound on their belly, legs, armpits, around their ears – or in any other sensitive area, our dog wound care products provide instant relief.

In addition, it smells great! Ingredients include coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E and hemp seed oil, along with the CBD, making it an amazing all-natural balm that heals and moisturizes at the same time.

CBD PET SKIN CREAM our CBD pet skin cream is another great natural dog wound care product, which will relieve your pet’s skin from painful ‘hot spots, annoying allergies, endless skin rashes, dry, flaky and itchy skin, bug bites, and skin discomfort quickly and easily.

How CBD Oil for Dog Wounds Works

The potent powers of marijuana extend far beyond the traditional care of anxiety, arthritis, and other such important concerns. When it comes to CBD oil for dog wounds, there is a layering healing effect, which we want to point out just 5 of:

  • Speeds up the healing process with cuts, lesions and lacerations.
  • Helps improve the condition of the skin, nourishing and protecting this organ from microbes that can quickly cause infections.
  • Known to impact the ‘endocannabinoid system’, which is the same in all animal species, benefitting animals equally, regardless of the species. That being said – if you have a cat, there would be a specific CBD oil product for them with the correct dosage level for their size. So be sure to check out our CBD Oil for Cats section!
  • Can be a topical product that works in tandem as an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing solution, reducing swelling and speeding up the recovery process.
  • Known to have antibiotic properties contained within the cannabis.

CBD oil is an amazing bi-product that truly offers both humans and pets a wide range of benefits for their bodies, including dog wound care and comfort.

Curious to know more? Find a full list of our CBD for Dogs here, offering CBD oils, pet treats and skincare products to help your pet live their best life!

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