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Is your kitty sad? Of course, every cat has its own personality but suddenly you feel like his typical behaviour has changed. In this article, we want to talk about cat depression and your best course of action.

Why do cats get depressed?

Simply, because they also have feelings! Same as human depression or anxiety, cat depression can occur after many stressful events in their pets life. Those might include:

  • The arrival of a new pet in the house
  • New baby in the family
  • Construction or renovations at home
  • Loss of an owner
  • Being separate from an owner for a long time
  • Loud family fights and divorce
  • Physical pain

Even though cats are so independent and practical animals, they are very sensitive to the emotional atmosphere in the house and family. So how to recognize cat depression?

Cat Depression Symptoms

Being a pet parent is not easy. They cannot say what they feel or if something hurts. Do you think your cat is depressed or just not in the mood today? Let’s see.

Body language. A cat cannot talk but their body and postures are their communication channels. Their body language will tell you if your cat is angry, happy or even sad.

When a cat is depressed his ears will hold back, tail tucked and hair standing on end.

He is hiding. Your kitty doesn’t want to play anymore even with his favourite toy! He is hiding all the time, clingy and demanding.

Change of habits. If a cat has depression, he won’t have a good appetite either. He might stop grooming himself and urinating in inappropriate places (mostly where the scent of a missing person or deceased pet lingers). Also, if your cat has depression or is very anxious, he might start scratching objects around the house to relieve his stress.

CBD and Cat Depression

Using natural supplements like CBD can help calm your kitty’s feelings and treat symptoms of depression. Because CBD can interact with specific brain receptors, it increases serotonin activity, naturally boosts your mood, and relieves a depression state.

It’s pretty similar to regular antidepressants but has no side effects and all our CBD is chemical-free! If you already have your kitty on some medication,  read this information on how CBD can work together with meds.


We cannot control every single stressful situation in your kitty’s life, but we can do our best to prevent depression and anxiety. Just try to be there for your furry friend, spend active time together every day, and always keep them healthy.