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First-time dog owner? Seeking to help your pet adjust to their new environment? Whether you have invested in a puppy or have chosen to rescue a dog, CBD products are a great way to help your fur-baby flourish.

In fact, we have many positive reports from pet parents praising the effectiveness of CBD for their dog. Which is why we want to share with you ‘How CBD Can Help a First-Time Dog Owner Better Manage Their Breed’!

CBD and Your Dog

CBD – also referred to as cannabidiol, is a substance found within the hemp and cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD is not intended to deliver the high of THC. That is a positive thing when it comes to your pet, making it a safe and effective treatment for many things.

As we discussed in our blog post about How to Choose Healthy Pet Food for Your Furry Family Member “ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, is basically a chain of receptors found in animals and humans …and (scientists) believe ECS is responsible for an overall healthy balance within the body”. This rings true for humans and animals alike.

As a first-time dog owner, caring for your pet with CBD is an excellent way to manage their health and wellness, bringing balance and alleviating anxiety too.

First Time Dog Owner’s Guide to CBD Oil

Pet owners have reported many benefits to dosing their dog(s) with CBD oil. This includes such benefits as treating pain, controlling seizures, as well as an anti-anxiety supplement for dogs that are feeling anxious in a new home.

CBD oil is also known to offer anti-inflammatory benefits, is used as an anti-nausea medication, and can help to enhance appetite. As well, it can alleviate stress and manage the effects and pain of cancer.

Curious About Our CBD Oil Products for Dogs?

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR SMALL DOGS 200MG – is our low-dose CBD oil, delivering 200 mg/per bottle. A great addition to your everyday routine, this CBD oil can relieve anxiety, arthritis and joint pain, inflammation, boost appetite and help to slow tumor growth.

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR MEDIUM DOGS 500MGcomes in 500 mg strength bottle. This CBD oil is designed specifically for medium dogs to help them improve their health and quality of life.

Made with MCT organic coconut oil, this blend is the most effective way for the body to absorb the CBD. MCT organic coconut oil and CBD is unscented and mild flavored, and your dog is sure to love it!

CBD for Dogs: Potential Side-Effects

Currently, all CBD distributors base their knowledge of how CBD effects animals based on human consumption. Because CBD is well-known to manage the endocannabinoid system, we can predict how it will help your pet manage certain things.

That being said, there are also potential side-effects worth noting. These can include such things as:

Sleep – know that when treating your dog with CBD for anxiety, they may become more lethargic. It is nothing to be alarmed about, however, and should merely be monitored.

Dry Mouth – CBD tends to reduce saliva from being produced. Which would simply mean that your dog may require more water. Not because CBD dehydrates, but because it creates less saliva in the mouth.

Are There Any Risks to Using CBD as a First-Time Dog Owner?

The science is still emerging for CBD on both humans as well as animals. Any animal can have a variety of reactions to both food and medication, regardless of the research done. Which is why dosing in accordance to how we sell our products is important.

As a first-time dog owner, introducing CBD products to your pet slowly will help you manage and observe any side-effects that may happen. And then eliminating what doesn’t serve them accordingly.

Curious to know more about CBD as a first-time dog owner?

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