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You may have heard us say that healthy pets are happy pets more than once. That’s because it’s something we believe in! Pet care is an important part of being a pet parent. Keeping your pet healthy will leave you with a happy pet and hopefully, more days under the sun!

Pay Attention To What Your Pet Eats

Remember the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s the same for pets! Start looking at the ingredients on your pet’s treats and food. You’ll probably be startled to see that many of the things in their food are fillers. Do your research on what nutrients your pet needs, what proteins they need, and do some taste testing with them! They will definitely appreciate that.

Adding in toppers to your pet’s meals is stimulating for their brains and will make meal time that much better. Can you imagine eating the same thing every day for your entire life? Sounds boring!! You can also add some water into their dish if their eating a hard kibble to soften it for easier digestion.

Get Out and Play

Whether it be playing tug-o-war, chase, or just running around outside, your pet needs to be active. Cats are included in this!!! Cat parents, when was the last time you really played with your cat? Grab an old shoe string and get them to play with you. You don’t have to go outside if you’re not comfortable with that, but you should be actively enriching your cat’s life through play time.

Dog parents, we know life is busy, but your pet needs you to get the exercise their body needs! This can look like a lot of things, but it’s up to you how you choose to get active!

Playing is essential for pets as living beings. Not only does it help their health, but it can also strengthen their bond with you!

Make Regular Vet Visits

Your pet probably hates the vet as much as you do, but the more you go, the more likely you’ll catch something before it becomes an issue. It helps to know your pet so you can spot when something seems off. Vet visits can help your pet’s longevity.

Take Care of Their Fur

Brushing your pet regularly can also help you spot when something is off! It also helps with blood circulation, reducing mats, and helping your house not be so hairy! Here’s a blog we wrote on the importance of dog grooming and pampering.

Pet Care is Essential to Wellbeing

Taking care of your pet is simply a part of being a pet parent. The way you speak to your pet, treat your pet, and take care of your pet matters. Healthy pets are happy pets! If your pet is getting the right amount of care and still something seems off, schedule a visit with the vet. Better to be safe than sorry!!

We believe that pets are family and deserve a life free from pain and anxiety. If your pet struggles with either one of those things, ask your vet about CBD. It’s natural way to combat stress, anxiety, pain, and many other ailments. If you think your pet would benefit from CBD, give us a call at 888.898.9080.