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For the past few years, pet therapy has become very popular in many hospitals around the world. It makes a lot of sense, as animals like cats and dogs can have a positive effect on patients, especially seniors.  We will discuss these great benefits of pet therapy for seniors in this article. 

Mental Health Benefits

In our previous post, we found out that pets can read human emotions. Seniors are more prone to be depressed or stressed and a well-trained dog can sense that. According to many successful medical trials, pet therapy helps people improve symptoms of depression, memory loss and even dementia. More than that, dogs and cats are great companions so you won’t feel lonely all the time. Most likely you will have a set everyday routine.

Everyday quality time with pets will increase your level of serotonin and make you happier. That’s why when a lack of physical activity adds more stress to the weak body, animal-assisted therapy might be the best solution.

 Physical Health Improvements 

It’s not easy to accept that your body losing its flexibility and strength. For that reason,  an average older adult spends very little time to exercise. Everyday walks with the dog will boost daily physical activity, so it is easier to achieve the recommended exercise routine. 

Other Benefits of Pet Therapy

Other benefits of pet therapy can be personal safety and security. People can train therapy dogs to protect and take care of the owner. In other words, fewer chances of assaults, where seniors are easy targets because they cannot protect themself anymore. 

Besides, animal-assisted therapy is a great way to connect with other pet owners. You might share some valuable experiences on personal health or even pet health.

Pet therapy one of the most effective ways to stay social, positive and healthy for senior people. If you someone who needs a companion or a friend, consider a dog or a cat in your life and you will see big changes. 

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