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CBD oil has been out there for a very long time, but still, there are so many things we don’t know about it.

Even though, most of us who tried CBD oil knows about its healing benefits, there are still so many curious CBD facts, that we feel its time to share it with you.

The First Recorded use of Hemp Occurred in 2700 B.C.

Can you imagine, that already in 2700 B.C. people knew about the healing properties of a hemp plant and used it in food? Moreover, it documented that the plant itself was used to make clothing, paper, shoes and ropes, but seed and oils just for medical purposes.

Queen Victoria Used CBD

Famous queen Victoria, like many other women, were struggling with an unbalanced menstrual cycle and cramps. And guess what? Yes, her first go to medicine was CBD oil.

Here we have a full list of CBD oil Benefits for Women’s health. Check it out!

CBD Improves Public Speaking Skill

If you’re one of many people that have a fear of the stage, CBD oil can be an easy solution for you. A study in 2011 published in Neuropsychopharmacology proved that even a small dosage of CBD can reduce anxiety and discomfort associated with public speaking.

CBD can Block the Effect of Many Addictive Drugs

There are so many curious CBD facts that it was hard to choose from. However, this one is important to mention. Scientists found that CBD oil can block the harmful effects of very addictive painkillers. They mentioned that CBD reduces the pleasure of a drug, making it less addictive. In addition to painkillers, CBD can interact with other medications and help reduce most of the drug’s side effects.

CBD is a Lifesaver for Pet Owners

One of the very interesting CBD facts is its healing properties for pets. There so many pet brands including Pawt4Paws store, that offer high-quality CBD oil for pet’s health. It promotes brain health, joint health, reduces animal anxiety and hyperactivity. You can add it to food, and it comes in different flavors.

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