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If you are one of the many caring individuals who has taken in a foster dog – we salute you! We also want to help you with a ‘paw-full’ of foster dog care tips and inform you of the variety of CBD benefits for part-time pet parents.

Although you may be rescuing a dog from a shelter, it is important to realize the feeling of being rescued will take some time. New people, environments, smells and routines are all things a rescue dog needs to become familiar with. In fact, your selfless act can actually be very overwhelming for your foster dog at first. This is why gaining an understanding of their history and easing their anxiety with alternative methods will go a long way in creating calm and promoting optimal foster dog care.

CBD – Alternative Anxiety Treatment for Foster Dog Care

Providing your foster dog with CBD, as an alternative anxiety treatment, can help deliver excellent relief for your rescue pet.

As discussed in our blog Best CBD Products for Pets and How to Choose Them Due to its natural origin, quality CBD products can be the first thing to reach for when your pet is having health troubles. According to Forbes, CBD can be easily added to an animal’s daily routine and help with such things as nausea control, appetite stimulation, heart health, allergy relief, and stress control.”

Knowing which CBD products to invest in for your foster dog care is half the battle – which we’re here to help you manage, ensuring your new furry family member finds peace in their temporary home as quickly as possible. Which is often a concern for those fostering pets; the unknown aggression triggers.

Aggression Relief in Pets

Aggression relief in pets also plays an important role in foster dog care. Whether you have children in your home and need to ensure your foster dog won’t cause them harm, or for the dog’s safety as well.

Having a foster dog with an unknown past can of an increased concern than one in which you understand what issues they have come in contact with. An unknown past means you will have to be increasingly aware and vigilant at helping your temporary pet to heal while keeping them and your family safe too.

Some ways to relieve aggression in dogs include:

  • Staying Calm. Your foster dog will quickly learn to take its cues from you. The calmer you remain, the more they will learn to absorb and emulate this calm, trusting you and their environment.
  • Creating a Predictable Routine. Routine for foster dogs is important. Having come from volatile living situations, a space that instills confidence in them through a predictable schedule matters. From their daily walks and walking route to their eating schedule; aim to keep these things consistent to further promote foster dog care.
  • Removing Expectations. Whether you are accustomed to being a dog whisperer or have had success as a dog owner; foster dogs have all manner of differences. So remove your expectations – this will help you learn to adapt while your foster dog adapts also.

With more people working from home through Covid-19, becoming a pet parent has been a popular choice. For those of you who have chosen to foster through this time – again, we applaud you.

The adjustment period can be difficult for everyone involved, but understanding how to help your foster dog settle in is half the battle.

CBD Benefits for Your Foster Dog

Some of the CBD benefits your foster dog may experience can include stress-relief, mental balance, as well as help with any mobility concerns they might have. Together, this will offer them an overall sense of wellbeing as they slowly adjust to your new space.

Some of the behaviours your rescue dog might exhibit, which CBD can also help reduce or even eliminate, include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Frightfulness
  • Peeing Indoors
  • Destructive Chewing or Scratching of Furniture

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