• Will CBD oil make my pet high?

    No, NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN THC. All of the products we carry are CBD or CannaBiDiol oil. It is derived from the plant Cannabis Hemp, which is different from the plant Cannabis Marijuana. Cannabis Hemp, contains virtually no THC while Cannabis Marijuana, contains high levels of THC. CBD oil from hemp is NOT psychoactive and does not deliver a “high” feeling. You are likely to see relief in your pet from pain and inflammation, which could make them appear “happy” or “calm”.

  • Does Hemp Terpene oil contain CBD

    Yes! Hemp Terpene oil is just another way to say CBD oil. It is one in the same. All of our products contain CBD. The milligram (mg) strength listed on the bottle is the amount of active CBD in the product.

  • Is it as effective for cats, dogs and horses as it is for humans?

    Yes!! As mammals, we all contain the same endocannabinoid system and CBD1 and CBD2 receptors. We all possess the ability to utilize and benefit from CBD and its natural benefits. The dosages listed must be followed for different products, animal size for maximum safe results. When in doubt, start slow and increase as needed to the maximum dose.

  • How do I know which strength/bottle to choose?

    There are two main factors to consider when deciding which milligram strength to choose. The weight of the pet and the type (severity) of ailment you are treating. We suggest referring to our dosage recommendations, found here in our blog as they vary. It is always advisable, when giving your pet something new, to start out with small amounts while closely monitoring the effects and increasing as needed. Always speak with your veterinarian regarding any ailments or medications your pet may be taking prior to starting them on CBD.

  • How do I know which company and oil to choose?

    There are 2 different ways that CBD oil is available to your pet at Pawt4Paws. One is an Isolate CBD oil and the other is a Full Spectrum CBD oil. We discuss the differences of each and the benefits of one vs. the other in our blog here. CBD Isolate is the CBD in its isolated form, it does not contain any of the other components or cannabinoids that the rest of the hemp plant contains. Full Spectrum, as it sounds, is the use of the full plant. This form contains the other 100+ cannabinoids of the plant which aid as carriers and have many other health benefits.

    Full Spectrum oils have a higher price point than the Isolate oils but require a smaller dose to be given as it has a higher potency. Isolate oil is great for treating one issue at a time ie: a dog who becomes car sick and anxious on car rides VS. Full Spectrum oils work best for those wanting to aid multiple issues ie: a senior dog with separation anxiety who has severe arthritis in their hips. Here you can find our reviews of each company in our blog .

  • How do I give the oil?

    Each bottle comes with an oral syringe that contains 1ml of oil when filled. Follow the recommended dosage on the bottle or refer to our dosage calculator.
    The most effective way for the oil to enter your pets system is by administering it directly into their mouths; however adding it to your pets food, or a small piece of bread seems to be the easiest way for our clients to give it with minimal fuss. It is recommended to give CBD twice daily as it LASTS FOR 12 HOURS IN THE BODY. However, it can be used as a one time use in times of stress such as car rides, fireworks, trips to the vet etc.

  • How long will it take for the oil to work?

    It really depends on the issue and severity. For minor anxiety flare-ups, (car rides, fireworks or short term stressors) CBD oil typically works to calm your pet within 30-60 minutes. For more chronic issues, such as joint pain and mobility problems, it may take 2-4 weeks for optimal results. You may need to adjust your pets dose as you monitor their symptoms to find the sweet spot. For the relief of seizures, we have seen results in 7 days, when dosed twice daily. Remember that dosing CBD oil varies dependent on your pet, your pets’ weight, and the ailment (or number of ailments) you are treating.

  • What does 3rd party Lab Tested mean?

    3rd Party Lab testing is becoming the standard for CBD oil. What this means is after the oil is produced and is ready for market it is sent to an approved lab and the product is tested for THC, pesticides, chemicals, and to ensure the marketed amount of CBD oil is indeed contained in the bottle. We have been supplied with copies of all 3rd party lab tests for ALL of our products, so you can rest assured you are giving your pet the safest CBD product.

  • Will CBD interact with my pets medication?

    CBD or Cannabidiol continues to be one of the safest alternative therapies on the market. However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian prior to using our products.