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Enriching Your Dog’s Life is Necessary For Their Health

Dogs need enrichment in their lives just like humans! Enrichment activities for dogs are anything that enrich their lives. Think of playtime as an enrichment activity. Dogs that play more are happier and healthier than dogs who do not have playtime. When our dogs live stagnant lives, they can lose muscle tone and eventually muscle mass. It’s so crucial that you take your dog out to play, no matter their age. Boredom in dogs can lead to a variety of different problems, but we’re here to help you put an end to their boredom! There are many kinds of enrichment activities you can use to improve your dog’s life!

Physical Enrichment

Physical enrichment is the most common and easiest task for pet owners to tackle. This enrichment is anything that gets your dog moving. It could be going for a walk and letting your dog smell the world! Remember, dogs gain information through their snouts since they are smell based creatures, this means that letting them stop to smell that tree for the 10th time is important! Physical enrichment for dogs could be as simple as playing fetch in the yard. Anything that keeps those little bones moving, is going to enrich your dog’s life.

Social Enrichment

Socialization can be with other animals or with people! We know that some dogs don’t do well in this area and if that’s your dog, skip to the next section but if your pup is a social butterfly keep reading! Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing. They want to be talked to, pet, and cuddled as much as they can. They should also be socialized with other dogs; this should start at an early age to prevent the fear of other dogs. Like us humans, dogs need socialization to stay healthy and confident. Instead of heading to the dog park, ask a few trusted friends to join you for a puppy play date. Bonus: you and your friends can get lots of cute pictures of your fur babies playing together!

Mental Enrichment 

Some may know this better as sensory enrichment, which includes the use of your dog’s senses. This can be done at home with treats (or like we mentioned earlier, out on a walk to smell their favorite tree). Try leaving a treat under a towel for your dog to find. You can purchase toys from the pet store that are designed for mental enrichment as well. Just put a few treats inside and let your dog do the rest! Start out with easier toys and make it more challenging the next time they play. You can also make your own easy and fun games for your doggo to play with, click here for some of our favorites!

CBD For Your Dog

We know that in some cases your dog’s health may be standing in the way of getting out. CBD is a great solution to help soothe aches, pains, and anxiety, all three of which could be roadblocks in your dog’s life preventing them from wanting to go out and play. We carry 4  different strengths based on your dog’s size, as well as treats for any size dog! A natural remedy like CBD will reduce any inflammation or soreness your dog may have. This natural solution is easier to use than most prescription medications, and will have your sweet pup loving life once again! Order yours here!

While boredom is common for dogs to experience, as a dog owner you should be preventing it. Give your dog an enriched life and the results will speak for themselves!