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The best, the easiest, and the most helpful tips for moving with your pet.

A new house in a different place isn’t just overwhelming for you, it can be stressful for your fur kids. Pets can be easily stressed when introduced to a new environment. When we move, we often want it done as fast as possible and we don’t consider who will be responsible for the pets that day. When move in/out day comes around, we panic when we realize our pets will have to do something, right? As someone who has moved with pets many times, I have gathered some quick tips for moving with pets that other people won’t tell you!


Plan Who Will Be Responsible For The Dogs


Dog waiting outside

This is often overlooked. We imagine moving to be super easy with pets, as if they’re going to supervise the moving process and unfortunately, this is not the case. Having a dedicated person that is in charge of the fur kids is super helpful. This person can spend time with the dog exploring your new space, smelling everything, finding the bathroom zone, all of which allows them to figure out the layout safely. If you don’t have help, consider leaving your dog with a friend just while you unload the moving truck. This will help keep them from escaping the house, possibly being destructive, or getting too anxious.


Spend Time Packing an Overnight Bag

Having a bag with your dogs favorite chew, some toys, food dish, food, water, and all the essentials is vital for a successful first night in your new space. This bag will be your saving grace for the first night. It will save you time digging through boxes. One essential item you should put in the bag is an enrichment activity. Whether it be a snuffle mat, or just a towel you can roll some kibble into, this will give your dog something to do and create a positive association with moving. The same goes for their favorite chew. Not only will you positively reinforce what’s going on, but you can leave them to chew while you spend time unpacking.


Keep To Your Dog’s Routine

Dog’s do better in situations where they can predict what’s going to happen next. I’m certain you as a human feel the same way! If your dog is used to going out for a walk or playtime in the evening, try not to skip this. Having a part of their routine in the chaos will help reduce anxiety.

Reduce Anxiety

As mentioned, moving causes a lot of anxiety for both you and your pets. You can reduce anxiety in a variety of different ways including creating a positive association by bringing their favorite chew while you unpack. Another great way to reduce anxiety is to put your doggo in a room with the responsible dog watcher and close the door. This will help them control their surroundings since they have a smaller space to take in. You can do this while you unload the truck or while you unpack.

CBD to ease moving anxiety

Arlo and our 500mg formula

Some dog’s need some extra help reducing anxiety, and when you help them you’ll have an easier time getting things done! One of the best and most effective ways to reduce anxiety is by using CBD. CBD is a very effective and efficient anxiety reliever with out the gross side effects. This natural medicine interacts with the brain’s receptors to keep them from over firing which is what causes anxiety. You can read more about how that process works here. CBD will help your dog reduce anxiety which will give them a positive experience when moving and allow them to explore more, and worry less! Using CBD when moving has helped my pets tremendously and I always recommend using a safe oil for pets such as Pawt4Paws CBD.

Just Remember: Moving Is Stressful For Your Pets, Too

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that moving is stressful for your fur baby, too. Any change in a dog’s routine can be difficult for them to manage. Try to be patient and allow your dog to ease in to the move.