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Dogs skin problems can be very frustrating for pets as well as for their owners. There are 3 common skin issues that our pets can face in the winter-spring season: skin allergies, skin infections, and dry skin conditions. Let’s see how to prevent them and treat the condition without any stress for your dog.

Dog Skin Allergies

Have you wondered why your dog cannot stop itching? There can be so many reasons behind, however, the most common is allergy.

Main symptoms. Itching and sneezing. Your dog might start to bite himself or rub his body against the furniture.

What causes it? Often the answer is food, drugs, dust, mold, pollen or any sort of cleaning products.

How to treat it? Mild allergies can be treated by avoiding all possible allergens. Try to switch to more natural cleaning supplies, or clean more often in the house. If the reason is food, try to substitute one product for another to see if there is any difference in the allergic reaction.

If the allergy is topical you might want to use CBD oil or cream to heal and soothe inflamed skin. CBD is a great natural product. It can gently take care of infections and inflammations caused by allergies.

Dog Skin Infection

Sometimes one issue leads to another. At first, your pet got an allergy but then it ends up having a skin infection. There are so many dog skin problems out there, but an infection might be a serious issue.

Main symptoms. Depends on what type of infection, your dog can experience scaling, abnormal redness, bad odour, pigmentation or even hair loss.

What causes it? Unfortunately, skin allergies are the most probable cause, but it can also be a hormonal disorder, internal disease, flea, mites and other critters.

How to treat it? If allergy is the case, then better get an allergy shot. Many veterinarians might suggest taking vitamin E or A internally. If the dermatitis is bad, the vet will prescribe some special medication.

In case its a mild infection you might want to try different massage oils. Your best options are CBD oil, olive oil or lavender oil.

Constantly Dry skin

Dogs can have sensitive skin too. So, every time the seasons changes, they might experience dry skin which is so uncomfortable and irritating for them. If you wonder what can I put on my dog for dry skin we will give you some tips.

Main symptoms. Dry skin, cracked skin, flakiness, itchiness or even pain.

What causes it? Mainly it will be environmental factors like weather, temperature (too cold outside, too warm inside), change of season, bad quality water (salty water, chlorine water), grooming shampoos.

How to treat it? Try to keep your eye on the temperature both inside of your house and outside. Keep your dog inside of the house if the weather gets to cold. Try to maintain a normal level of humidity at home, which is good for your personal health and for your pet.

Adjust the bathing routine, maybe use better quality bath products with fewer irritants for the skin. We also suggest to try out our CBD cream line, which is perfect for dog skin problems such as dryness and itchiness.


No matter what dog skin problems you are facing, just make sure your pet gets quality help. Always consider natural products first before any over-the-counter medication. And of course, talk to your vet first ?