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Summer season is the most exciting season to travel. Especially by car. Especially with our pets. You want to take your little buddy everywhere with you, but he just doesn’t travel well in the car? Here are the 3 best tips to help your dog cope with travel anxiety.

Tip #1

Make your car a safe and exciting place to be. If your dog is one on these pets who rarely ride in the car, motions and vibration can scare them. Try familiarizing your pup with the car before a trip. Let him become comfortable around the smells and noises. Take him for a short trip around the block and give him a reward treat after. Toys and their favourite blanket might be very comforting aswell.

Tip #2

Cope with car sickness. Strong anxiety always makes dogs feel sick in the car. What you can do is not feed that much food to your pup before a long trip. You can open the window for fresh air as some dogs love to see what is outside. Try to reassure your pup with a positive tone of voice and always carry water for him during the trip. However, if small simple tricks won’t work try our tip #3.

Tip #3

Natural remedies. Anxiety in dogs is very common and one of the proven relief remedies is CBD oil. Proper dosage and high-quality products will help to calm your dog down and make the trip a lot more enjoyable. It’s not toxic and won’t make your dog high.

If you never tried CBD on your dog this CBD oil trio is the best way to start. It has different levels of strength and is third party tested which is very important if you are looking for a quality product. You can also try CBD dog treats which are small bites and so easy to use when you in the car. Just give them their dose an hour before your trip and they will calm right down!



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