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Your four-legged friend needs special paws care all year round. Because most of the time dogs don’t wear paw protection, their paws might need extra support, and a paw care routine to keep them moving.

What are Dogs Paws Made Of?

Similar to our own hands, dog paws made of tiny bones, muscles, tendons, and layers of fat for warmth and cushioning. They are a huge help in regulating your pet’s body temperature (both cold and hot) and blood circulation. And just a way to stay comfy while playing and running around.

Routine for a Better Dog Paws Care

Keep your eyes open. Be aware of the surroundings you are taking your pup into. Whether it’s a dog park, a hike in the forest, a walk on the beach, or your own house. Make sure it is safe for him to run and play around without hurting his paws with a broken piece of glass or any other sharp objects. You should always have a mini first aid kit with antibacterial wash and bandages to clean a wound or a cut when needed.  

Trim those nails. According to petswebmd, your pet’s nails should barely touch the ground. If you hear a lot of clicking when your dog walks on a hard surface, it means it’s time to trim those nails! 

It will depend on your dog how often you should trim his nails, but try not to wait too long as they can get snagged easily and cause an injury. Ask your vet to show you how to trim dog’s nails and to recommend the best tools for the job. If hair pokes out between the toes, that needs to be carefully trimmed as well.

CBD for Better Pet Skin

Keep skin healthy. Paw skin needs protection and care, same as skin on our hands and feet. Dry itchy skin causes irritation, pain, anxiety, and even appetite loss in many dogs. Consult with your vet on what is the cause of the itchy skin and try to find a natural treatment for your pup. 

Pawt4Paws Pet Skin Treatment is one of them. 100% natural, CBD based cream for hot spots, skin allergies, dry itchy skin, dermatitis and wounds. CBD is a natural inflammatory compound which easily relieves pain and heals wounds fast. CBD products might be a perfect addition to your pet skin routine and can help you to keep your dog healthy and active.

Our shop carries many other CBD products including oil for a better and more consistent health care routine. 

Do paws check. Even if your pup is healthy and has no issues with his health, check their paws regularly. It may help you to prevent or spot the problem before it becomes something bigger. 

Take a careful look and clean his paws every time after playing outside. Something might stuck in between the toes and stick to the pad. If your dog’s paws look too beat up after playing, maybe it’s time to change the location with a less harsh ground. 

Winter/summer care. Summers might be too hot and winters too cold for your pup to walk bare-paws. When it is extremely hot in the summer the temperature of asphalt is burning hot and can injure their paws. Same for the winters, the temperature can drop too low so without any protection your pet’s paws might be frostbitten.  

Use dog boots or paws wax for better skin care when needed.


Healthy paws are incredibly important to your dog health. Paws serve many critical functions that we humans might take for granted. Paws help your dog to explore, play, run, regulate the temperature of their body, and be always on-the-go. Dog paws care is one more way to show how much you care and love your pet.

We hope those 5 tips will help you improve dog’s paws care routine and be the best pet parent for your fur baby.

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