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At Pawt4Paws, we want to help your pet live happy and healthy lives. This is why we want to tell you how dog massage and CBD oil can greatly benefit your fur family member!

What is ‘dog massage therapy’ and how can CBD be a part of it? Allow us to explain.

CBD Therapy – Holistic Help for Your Pet

Holistic health treatments offer an alternative way to care for both yourself, as well as your pet. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one such holistic treatment that has become a popular supplement for dogs.

CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant and does not have any intoxicating ingredients such as THC. When you apply CBD oil directly to the skin it binds to the neuroreceptors of your pet. It helps to reduce pain sensations and adjust their mood to a state of calm.

Helping your dog achieve optimal wellness not only alleviates their anxiety but yours as well. We all want our pets to feel loved and calm, and the return on that investment is unconditional love from your dog. Daily activities soon become a pleasure again, vs. the previous high-strung pain it may have been for you or your pet.

CBD Oil & Dog Massage Therapy

Think of CBD oil dog massage therapy as the calming meditation of the molecular world. It delivers balance from within and shows up as a calm and regulated dog.

In fact, CBD oil can deliver many benefits when applied directly as a dog massage therapy treatment. This therapy can be easily accessible from home. Whether your dog is suffering from anxiety when in the car, is fearful of loud noises, suffers from constant tension and stress – CBD therapy is a true healer.

In addition, it can also help to alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. So, if your dog is getting up there in years, adding in the right dosage of CDB oil can enhance their life in later years too.

What Does the Science Say?

Clinical trials on the use of CBD for dogs have been conducted, and an American neurologist discovered that 89% of dogs who experienced such things as seizures, had a reduction in their frequency as a result of CBD oil.

Our latest blog ‘How CBD Helps to Heal Wounds & Cuts in Dogs’, also offers some additional information on the science behind CBD oils and the various “liquid therapy” they deliver.

Some of Our CBD Therapy Oils Include…

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR SMALL DOGS 200MGdelivered in a 200 mg bottle, which is perfect for your small doggo! A great addition to the everyday healthy routine, this CBD oil can relieve anxiety, arthritis and joint pain, inflammation, boost appetite and help to slow tumour growth. Help your pet live pain-free, happy and healthy!

PAWT4PAWS CBD OIL FOR GIANT DOGS 1100MGis a CBD oil created specifically for giant breed dogs over 100 lb. It helps to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation and improve the quality of life for your pup. A daily dose of Pawt4Paws CBD oil is an amazing boost of natural ingredients to support daily physical and mental health. We want to help give your dog the best life they deserve, and this CBD oil does exactly that!

In addition to the above, we also offer CBD therapy oil for dogs at every size in-between the small and giant sizes, giving the same great results.

Not all hemp oils are created equally. Some manufacturers do not offer third-party tested products, that can be harmful and intoxicating.  Other companies may choose to extract their oils through distraction solvent. This diminishes the quality and the CBD therapy benefits for your dog.

Even if your dog has no noticeable signs of pain, discomfort or anxiety, CBD massage therapy is worth a try.

Many pet owners have discovered a renewed ‘play’ in their pet after CBD therapy, running and jumping again like a puppy when out for their walks. This is what we love to hear – happy puppies make for happy pet parents, and we’re here to help with that!


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