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It’s well known that some dogs like to chase cats and make them stick to trees for hours in the streets. But this is not always the case when cats and dogs are living under the same roof. A cat can be a real bully when it comes to dogs especially when they are roommates.

My Dog is Scared of a Cat

If you just brought a new dog or a cat to the house, you might want to read How to Introduce a New Dog to a Cat post first. However, if your cat and a dog have lived together for a long time and they still can’t adjust to each other, then stick to this article.

According to HuffPost dogs can be too polite for conflicts and try to please cats most of the time. On the other hand, cats, can be very territorial and very often do things just to screw with a dog. As a result, the dog is scared of the cat and starts to feel nervous and anxious. As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to stop those kind of confrontations. But what can you do?

Cat’s Behavior

First, let’s see why the cat is acting aggressively towards your dog. Does it have enough personal space in the house? Most cats like to have their favourite place to sleep and hang out. Try to accommodate it and make it as comfortable as possible and make sure it’s not accessible for the dog. In that case, both animals won’t irritate each other and will have enough time to be on their own.

Sometimes it’s not just about other pets in the house, maybe your kitty is struggling with anxiety. To lower that stress, you might want to spend more time with your cat or let him have a hiding place where he feels safe while having his anxiety attacks. Also, one of the best remedies for stress and anxiety is CBD oil. You might want to consider giving a few drops of cat CBD oil in their food every day. CBD oil is a natural relaxant and helps to maintain good mental and physical health in pets.

Dog’s Behavior

Dogs are usually very friendly and curious about everything in the house. Make sure they are trained properly and listen to your voice when you ask them to stop barking or playing around the cat. Same as a cat, your dog needs his space in the house. Set up his corner with a bed and his toys so he can feel more secure and relax.

Spend time with your dog. Take him for long walks, make him be active so at home he won’t have the energy to bug the cat. If your dog is scared of your cat without a reason, maybe he has an anxiety problem. The cat might feel it and mess with the dog all the time with no reason at all. In this case, CBD oil will be your best choice as it calms down your dog or your cat and has no side effects.

Make sure you entertain both pets on a daily basis, so they won’t have time and energy to be mean to each other.

There is no place for bullying and fights in your house. Try to always be on top of the situation and make your home a happy place for everyone.


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