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Is your dog scratching and itching all the time? There are countless reasons why this might be happening. CBD can be one of the best options out there to help your dog with itchy skin.

Why Your Pup Itches?

Scratchy/itchy skin conditions are very common issues for dogs and around 40% of all vet visits are made because of skin problems. It makes your pups life unbearable and uncomfortable. To know how to treat skin conditions you need to know what exactly you are dealing with.

Seasonal allergies are the number one reason when it comes to itchy skin for dogs. In our article Common dog skin problems and how to treat them we focus on pet’s skin allergies in detail and give some advice if that is your case.


Other causes of skin irritation can be sores and hot spots such as bug bites, burns, wounds or even dry skin condition.

Also, certain parasites like ticks, fleas and mites can cause your pet to itch. Usually, when a dog gets bit by a flea, it transfers its saliva to the animal and that causes the constant allergic itch. If it is not treated, many allergies and skin inflammation can become dermatitis.

What is Dermatitis?

Simply it is an inflamed skin disease caused by allergies as we mentioned above or by yeast infections. You don’t need to panic as it is very common in pets and can be treated. Normally yeast, fungus and other bacteria are already a part of the animal skin system, but when it starts to overgrow it provokes dermatitis and inflammation. When the immune system is down or there are other external triggers, these bacteria and yeast cause an infection. In addition to immune system problems, stress and anxiety can be linked to dermatitis and cause different problematic behaviour in pets.

It is important to understand that yeast dermatitis is not contagious, and your pet cannot get or transmit it to you or other animals.

However, dogs or cats who have an immune deficiency cannot fight infections well, as a result, they might have chronic dermatitis.

Symptoms and Diagnostic

Clinical signs and symptoms of dermatitis are:

  • Musty skin odour
  • “elephant skin” (thickened skin)
  • Scratchy/itchy skin
  • Redness and visible inflammation
  • Pigmentation
  • Flaky and dry skin
  • Chronic otitis or ear infection

dog dermatitis

Usually, vets will use a few simple techniques to diagnose yeast dermatitis. Most common is to collect several samples such as:

  • Impression smear
  • Skin scraping
  • Skin biopsy
  • Cotton swab sample
  • Acetate tape preparations (where the vet is taking a piece of special tape and collect a yeast sample)

Dog Dermatitis and Possible Treatment

Topical and oral are the most effective treatment options for cat and dog dermatitis. They can be prescribed separately or as a combination of both. Before buying any traditional remedies for dermatitis, maybe you should take a quick look at natural products. They won’t harm your dog and might even be recommended by your vet first.

A Good Bath

Yes, the first thing that your doctor might recommend can be a good bath. You need to remove all the thick layers of yeast and waxy buildup in his skin. The best choice will be benzoyl peroxide shampoo. It penetrates deep into pores and helps to clean the skin.

Natural Oils

CBD oils can be a safe and beneficial solution for dog dermatitis. There is plenty of research that shows that CBD successfully fights inflammation and relieves pain at the same time. While your dog might be prescribed internal medication you can still apply CBD oil or cream as a topical treatment. It will increase the overall comfort of your pet and stop that nasty itch.

Many dogs and cats experience the need to itch when they stress or are too anxious. A few drops of CBD oil internally can help to ease the anxiety and put your pet in a calmer mood.

Bottom Line

Dermatitis and constant itching can be very frustrating for dogs and their parents. It is very hard for animals to control and know not to itch, which brings more pain and damages the skin more. CBD as a natural ingredient can be a great healing solution and a great addition to traditional treatment for dermatitis.


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