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One of the most important parts of your dogs health care routine is dental hygiene. If you do not keep up with their mouth and teeth cleaning, it is likely that bacteria will grow and provoke many nasty dental diseases. Dog gum disease is one of them. What if your dog doesn’t enjoy having his teeth brushed this often? Could CBD oil help keep his teeth healthy?

What is Dog Gum Disease?

Colleen O’Morrow, DVM, a veterinary dentist in Manitoba says that gum disease happens five times more often in dogs than in people. Basically, after every meal, your dog accumulates tons of bacteria in his mouth which causes inflammation around the gums and the base of the teeth.

The most common symptoms include bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath, difficulty eating, blood in the water bowl and they could even lose teeth. A poor dog can be very irritated because of constant discomfort and pain in their mouth.

Normally treatment includes professional hygiene cleaning and intensive dental care.

How CBD Can Help?

CBD has a well-known property to fight inflammation and germs. Oil can get deep into swollen gums and eliminate an infection. As a result, no more inflammation and it speeds up the gum’s healing. A few drops of CBD directly in their mouth can help to prevent gum bleeding, dog gum disease and even gingivitis in dogs.

Also, it’s an amazing natural pain medicine!

Pawt4Paws has a great selection of CBD oil that come in different strengths. Depending on your dogs size you can choose either 200mg, 500gm or 800gm strength oil.

If you use canine toothpaste it can be a great idea just to mix it with CBD oil for regular teeth brushing.


CBD is something exclusively natural and healthy that mother nature gave us. After regular CBD treatment, your dogs gums will be healthy and well on their way to healing.  Just give it a try!


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