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Why Do We Need Water?

When it comes to healthy nutrition water is essential for your pet to avoid dehydration. Water keeps us hydrated and keeps our body functioning. Both dogs and humans need electrolytes to keep their bodies healthy. These naturally occurring minerals include chloride, potassium and sodium, which help to move nutrients to cells, regulate nerve function, facilitate muscle function and balance the body’s ph.

Similar to people, dogs lose their water when they sweat. After a fun time playing it is easy to lose water faster and it is important to rehydrate your pet as soon as possible.

It can be as easy as giving them a bowl of water, but what if that doesn’t work? In this article we will share a few tips on how to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. 

What Causes Dehydration in Dogs?

Here are some of the most common causes of dehydration in dogs:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Kidney problems
  • Overheating
  • Diabetes
  • Addison disease

Because dogs sweat from a limited area in their body, it is harder for them to release the heat. That’s why they start panting which increases fluid loss from their body. Other signs of dehydration are:

  • Dry gums
  • Dry paws and nose
  • Increased heart rate
  • Weakness
  • Dry eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Loss of Balance
  • Weak pulse
  • Slowed activity level
  • Wobbly walk
  • Tiredness or sleepiness

How to Rehydrate Your Dog?

The first thing you should do if you think your dog is dehydrated is to check your pup with a vet. At your veterinary clinic, a thorough exam may help to determine if your dog is truly dehydrated. Your vet will also determine if there is an underlying condition causing your pet to avoid food or water, or the dehydration itself.

If you are unable to visit your clinic, then there are a couple of things you can do to rehydrate your pet. Mild dehydration can be treated with clean cool water. Make sure to give it slowly but often. If your pet can’t hold any water down try to give them some ice to lick. In severe cases always contact your vet, so your pup will be rehydrated with essential fluids through an intravenous treatment.  

Some dogs are more prone to dehydration than others. Small breeds, young dogs, older dogs and nursing dogs need more water to keep hydrated during the day. 

Home Test for Dehydration

If you are not sure if your dog is dehydrated you can use a skin test. Simply lift a small piece of skin on your dog back to test its elasticity. If the skin falls back quickly into place then you are good. If it takes a couple of seconds to fall back into place then your dog might be needing more water in his diet. 

Another test is to press a finger to your dog’s gums until that area turns white. When released, that area should turn right back to pink. If it takes longer, your dog may be suffering from dehydration.

Don’t take dehydration lightly. Severe lack of water in the body might cause shock, illness, or even death. 

Other Ways to Keep Your Pup Healthy

Keep your pup healthy and strong with tasty nutritious food, water and natural daily supplements. Pawt4Paws can take care of the last one and offers a full line of CBD products to support the health of your pets. If the dehydration is caused by underlying condition CBD might help you to treat it. 

CBD can health to assist in treatment of such health issues as anxiety, appetite loss, nausea, pain, skin dermatitis or allergies, and even cancer support.

How to Give CBD to Your Pet?

When it comes to CBD there is no place for a complicated routine. Everything that is natural is always simple and easy. Check out dosage calculator to see the perfect recommended dosage for your pet. Once you have the CBD strength you need always start low and slow to let your pet adjust to the routine. We always recommend to be consistent as CBD needs time to be absorbed and to be effective. Depending on your pet’s condition, you most likely will be recommended to take CBD twice a day so its natural effect can stay in the body 24/7.

What’s it taste like? It has no specific taste, just mild grassy flavor with no smell. It is easy to put into your pet’s food if they won’t take it from a dropper. Please visit our store to see all products available and find a perfect deal for your dog or a cat. 

Curious to know more about CBD? Feel free to email, phone 1-888-898-9080, or visit our contact us page. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our Home Page to receive monthly deals sent right to your email!